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AI insight into every one of your locations

Grow margins, fix compliance, prevent losses

Checkit is a lightweight AI tool that makes your whole operation more effective. Our simple but powerful combination of sensors and software help you increase revenue, save lost labor time, and eliminate the catastrophic losses that follow equipment failure.

#1 margin-expanding onsite AI insight tool

Healthcare | Hospitality | Food Operations | Senior living | Retail

Attrition. Inefficiency.
Lack of visibility.

Your P&L is at the mercy of interest rates, wages, equipment performance, and more. With Checkit, you can ensure operational excellence, generate more revenue, and grow your margins.

Help everyone be as savvy an operator as you

Icons__Homepage - Pillar - Grow your margins

Grow your margins

Consolidate tools
Remotely manage operations
Increase labor efficiency
Achieve predictive maintenance
Find capex and energy savings
Scale sites faster

Icons__Homepage - Pillar - Automate compliance

Automate compliance

Enforce compliance
Automate logs and evidence
Increase product quality
Access reporting and dashboards
Qualify for accreditation

Icons__Homepage - Pillar - Supercharge workers

Supercharge workers

Skyrocket ease of use
Onboard and train faster
Deal with worker shortages
Eliminate drudgery and alerts
Collaborate across sites

Icons__Homepage - Pillar - Avoid losses

Avoid losses

Prevent stock loss
Get advance warning and alerts
Save on unplanned maintenance
Qualify for insurance

Lightweight, rugged, and smart

We excel at managing your critical operations—from safeguarding Wimbledon’s famed strawberries to Octapharma’s hundreds of -193* freezers.


#1 in real-world AI insights

Our AI tells you things you can’t learn anywhere else.
For example, that your equipment will suddenly fail
or that employees have falsified compliance checks.

AI Insights

Make automatic sense of your operations. View dashboards, manage workflows, and make high-margin decisions.


Digitize your paperwork and capture timestamps and evidence with QR codes. Guide workers, standardize practices, and turn it all into a dataset.


We use high-grade sensors to capture data about your physical spaces—movement, temperature, humidity, and much more.

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