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Innovate how you operate with Checkit

Checkit's intelligent technology and professional services enables forward-thinking leaders to solidify compliance and monetize operational efficiencies by upgrading manual and outdated systems.

Simplify. Harmonize. Empower.

Healthcare | Pharmaceuticals | Food Operations | Retail | Facilities

Simple end-to-end compliance, without the complexity

Checkit's AI capabilities cross-reference proprietary data models which provide you with insights into the availability, reliability, and predictability of your mission-critical physical assets such as freezers, fridges, and more.


We use high-grade sensors to capture data about your physical spaces—movement, temperature, humidity, and much more.


Digitize your paperwork and capture timestamps and evidence with QR codes. Guide workers, standardize practices, and turn it all into a dataset.


Make automatic sense of your operations. View dashboards, manage workflows, and make high-margin decisions with AI.

Turn outdated approaches into operational ecosystems

Maximize your compliance efforts by simplifying operations, harmonizing how data and process work together, and empowering your people to work smarter, not harder.

Unlock new benefits, from the front-line to the bottom-line

Icons__Homepage - Pillar - Grow your margins

Drive revenue

Increase people efficiency
Consolidate tools
Improve predictive maintenance
Realize new savings

Icons__Homepage - Pillar - Automate compliance

Automate compliance

Solidify compliance
Automate logs and evidence
Quickly access dashboards
Get accredited faster

Icons__Homepage - Pillar - Supercharge workers

Empower workers

Ease to use
Onboard and train faster
Ramp up new workers quickly
Collaborate across sites

Icons__Homepage - Pillar - Avoid losses

Prevent losses

Reduce the risk of stock loss
Get advance warning and alerts
Save on unplanned maintenance
Qualify for insurance

Drive efficient, cost-effective, and empowering results

From global for-profit organizations to regulated healthcare locations, Checkit helps modern leaders digitize compliance efforts and improve quality across all aspects of their mission-critical operations.


Fully certified, compliant, and ready to meet your needs

Checkit follows and is certified on strict quality standards, ensuring trust and your peace of mind.

Get in touch to get started

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