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checkit temperature monitoring

Transform advanced monitoring into operational excellence

More than just another temperature monitoring system, the Checkit platform enables leaders to simplify work, harmonize technology, and empower teams to achieve their missions more effectively.


Manual work distracts from the mission

Put your valuable resources and operational data to work more effectively by modernizing how you work.

Recurring checks Outdated, mundane ways of working are unnecessary and often hurts morale  
Disconnected workflows Fragmented processes create friction, wastes time, and increases costs  
Inefficient reporting Data silos hinder visibility making decision making and reporting difficult  

Modernize with a platform that is powerfully simple

Connect your frontline needs to bottom-line results.


Frictionless data tracking just makes sense

Whether you can see it or not, we can measure it.

🌡️ Temperature Capture and digitize temperature data in real-time, ensuring your critical environments, such as freezers, cold rooms, and laboratories, stay within safe parameters.
💧 Humidity Protect your assets, ensure product quality, and prevent issues like mold, mildew, and equipment malfunction.
🌬️ O2 Ensure safe and optimal oxygen levels in environments such as hospitals, laboratories, and industrial settings, preventing hazardous conditions.
🌫️ CO2 Maintain proper ventilation and air quality by monitoring CO2 levels, essential for healthy indoor environments in workplaces, schools, and other facilities.
📈 Ambient Monitor and maintain optimal ambient conditions, including temperature, humidity, light, and sound levels, to ensure comfort and safety in various environments.
🔄 Differential pressure Ensure consistent and safe pressure differences between spaces, crucial for cleanrooms, laboratories, and HVAC systems, maintaining controlled environments and preventing contamination.
🚰 Leaks Continuously monitor for water leaks, providing real-time alerts and data to help you respond quickly and minimize damage.
Much, much more Measure motion, levels, proximity, and so much more.
Featured customers

You'll be in good company

Serving industry leaders across healthcare, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, hospitality, education, food operations, and more.


Octapharma bolsters its operations with Checkit

Checkit facilitates automatic generation of compliance reports, significantly reducing the time and effort involved in manual report creation.

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How the University of Exeter drives research integrity with Checkit

Checkit provides automated monitoring spanning 14 locations across three campus sites.

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Learn how Yaamava Resort & Casino enhanced its food operations with Checkit

Yaamava is a forward-thinking organization focused on providing a superior guest experience through innovation in its food and beverage offerings.

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Just Eat delivers operational excellence with the Checkit Platform

The deployment of Checkit's technology enabled Just Eat's Global Compliance Team to monitor kitchen operations from afar, gaining instant insights into compliance levels through high-level reports. 

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Leeds Teaching Hospital NHS Trust Blood Sciences Department

Leeds Teaching Hospital's Blood Sciences Department monitors temperature 24/7 with confidence using Checkit

Upgrade provided continuous temperature control, reduced the burden of manual checks on staff, and ensured the integrity of patient samples.

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Certified to meet and exceed your expectations

Checkit follows and is certified on strict quality standards, ensuring trust and your peace of mind.

Schedule a meeting instantly to get started

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Latest news

Asset Intelligence™ predicts when critical commercial cooling equipment may fail

Identify underperforming commercial cooling assets and those at risk of failure. Take proactive measures for temperature adjustments, maintenance and budgeting, ensuring the highest levels of visibility, risk mitigation, and protection of your critical inventory.


Got questions? We have answers.

Here are some of the commonly asked questions we get. If you have others not listed, feel free to get in touch.

Can Checkit monitor across multiple sites, even regions or countries?

Absolutely, Checkit’s solutions are designed to scale easily, making it suitable for both single-site and multi-site operations, providing consistent performance across all locations.

What's involved with the installation process?

The installation process is handled by Checkit’s experienced engineers, who set up the system, integrate it with existing infrastructure, and provide training to ensure a smooth transition and operation.

Does Checkit provide mobile apps?

Yes, Checkit provides mobile apps to support their monitoring solutions. These apps are designed to help users monitor alerts, review actions, and interact with the platform remotely, ensuring that critical data and notifications are always accessible.

What kind of support does Checkit provide?

Checkit provides comprehensive support, including system setup, annual recalibration of sensors, ongoing maintenance, and customer service to ensure optimal performance. Premium packages offer even more personalized experiences and access.

How does Checkit protect data?

Checkit employs robust data encryption and secure storage practices, ensuring that all collected data is protected against unauthorized access and breaches.

How much does Checkit cost? The cost of Checkit’s solutions can vary depending on the specific needs and scale of your operation. Our "Peace of Mind Subscription" is designed to provide one-time annual (or multi-year discounted) costs which are predictable and cover all your expenses, excluding additional upgrades.

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