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Food Retail

Grow margins. Reduce waste. Operate efficiently.

What should you stock in the hot hold? What causes food waste? How can you save staff so much time, they only have time for customers? That's the promise of AI-powered insights from Checkit. 

It’s not just digitizing checklists. It’s eliminating repetitive work.

Checkit gives you a blueprint of your business, especially as it relates to temperature-sensitive foods, materials, and temperature-sensitive utilities.

Sell more high-margin items
Understand your margin-boosting levers
Prompt staff based on priority actions
Detect waste before it happen
Access guided workflows to manage incidents
Better serve customers in high-traffic environments

Stop wasting your staff's time with outdated processes

With Checkit, you can ramp up new hires without pulling senior folks away for training. Create workflows, automate checks, and reduce onboarding time.

Slash the cost to onboard and train
No more manual temperature checks
Scale best practices across sites
Make smarter staffing decisions
Allow managers to track and delegate

Predict appliance failures, food waste, and complaints

Checkit’s AI has 1.3 trillion data points in addition to your data and can notify you when aging appliances may fail, that leaks or humidity are causing damage, or that food is no longer safe—automatically.

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