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Prioritizing tomorrow, today.

How we prepare for the future

Checkit’s software, sensors and services help hundreds of businesses across the globe achieve stronger operations, robust compliance and improved sustainability.

We carry this ethos into our own business, too, with a dedicated ESG program. 

1948+ Established
300+ Customers served
150+ Employees
22,000+ Fridges & Freezers monitored
12Billion+ Data points analysed annually
42Million+ Workflows completed annually

“The principals and values associated with ESG have always been part of Checkit.

To further elevate our ESG initiatives, we have developed a structured program which we will report on and champion each year.
Committing resources to ESG initiatives is the right thing to do, and I’m delighted that we are focusing more and more on ESG alongside our ambition to deliver value to all stakeholders.”

Greg Price
Chief Financial and Operations Officer and ESG Board representative, Checkit

Read our reports

Since commencing our ESG journey in 2023, we have undertaken a range of initiatives and actions, which shall be set out in further detail in our FY24 Annual Report.

2022: Elevating the potential of deskless operations
2023: Digital empowerment of the deskless workforce


Our vision: work without waste

Checkit strives to promote a greener future for our customers and ourselves by reducing our environmental impact.

As such, we’ve made environmental responsibility a core pillar of our governance. 

Our net zero commitment

Checkit is committed to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 for scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions. 

Our focus

Reducing and offsetting emissions
We’re reducing our emissions by implementing a carbon reduction plan. Where emissions cannot be reduced, we’ll offset emissions using respected offsetting schemes backed by the United Nations.
Take-back scheme
We offer a comprehensive take-back scheme which allows us to recycle, repurpose and reuse equipment wherever possible.
Modernized fleet and reduced mileage
Steps have been taken to ensure our engineers spend less time on the roads, reducing mileage in order to minimize our environmental impact. Plus, we’ve invested in hybrid vehicles to further reduce emissions associated with driving.

Carbon Neutral Checkit

Where it's not possible to reduce emissions Checkit has partnered with Carbon Neutral Britain to offset emissions through schemes certified by Verra – Verified Carbon Standard, the Gold Standard – Voluntary Emissions Reduction and the United Nations – Certified Emissions Reduction programmes. Checkit has been certified as Carbon Neutral for 2024 helping it combat its environmental footprint while working on reducing its emissions. 

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Our vision: inclusive celebration

We recognize that our workforce and talent are by far our most important resource.

So at Checkit, we regularly ask: How can we support our people?

Our focus

Diversity, equality and inclusion
We believe that a strong organization is a diverse, equal and inclusive one. As such, we take steps to ensure we provide a fair and comfortable workplace for all.
Flexible working
Post-pandemic, we’ve retained our flexible, hybrid working model, which also helps reduce staff transport and support paperless operations.
Honest feedback
Checkit’s people are encouraged to share honest views with regular surveys.


Our vision: prioritizing integrity.

Our focus

Responsible suppliers
Checkit stands guard against unfair business practices. This means that we insist our suppliers and partners operate with policies which align with our standards and values. Suppliers are required to sign Checkit’s Code of Conduct, which details the conduct and ethics we require in partnership.
The QCA code
Checkit takes good governance and responsible leadership seriously.Since 2019 we have complied with the Quoted Company Alliance’s Corporate Governance Code. For more information, please see our Corporate Governance Statement.

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