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Senior Living

Offer an experience so superb guests actually write home about it

Checkit's standard operating procedure for senior care facilities can help you manage your margins while offering a thrilling dining experience. It saves staff time, offers AI insight into added efficiencies, and safeguards against unplanned costs like fridge outages.

Including countless others we’d love to share but can’t.

Deliver more care per resident

Checkit's digital assistants and sensors replace paper and spreadsheet checklists. Your teams log in each day to a tailored list of actions designed specifically for them, wherever they are. The result: more hours focused on people, not appliances, and much higher care quality, referrals, and revenue.

Digitize paperwork and reduce the chance of forgery
Eliminate checks on food, temperature, facilities, and maintenance
Predictive maintenance and asset health for maintenance teams
Energy savings and cost optimisation for protecting margins

Ensure every resident gets a VIP experience

The #1 cause of resident and family dissatisfaction are unaddressed issues. With Checkit, you and your staff have fully digitized awareness of issues, can prioritize and escalate them, and needn’t check on monitored appliances you know are working fine.

Rugged, medical-grade equipment
Works in low-connectivity environments

Automate compliance and generate a digital paper trail

Checkit means no more time-consuming audits. See what checks have been performed, by who, and where, and remotely escalate items that need handling. See all your communities from one single dashboard and if an auditor asks for a report, share it in a few clicks.

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