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Improve care for your residents, families and staff with Checkit

Focus on care,

not on paperwork

Checkit's digital assistants and sensors replace paper and spreadsheet checklists. Your teams log in each day to a tailored list of actions designed specifically for them, wherever they are.

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Deliver more care for every resident

  • Replace clunky paper checklists. Prioritise daily activities with a digital assistant that prompts and guides your care home staff.
  • Stop wasting time checking fridge and freezer temperatures. Automate temperature monitoring and let your staff focus on residents' care instead.
  • No more manual checks. Manage manual checks by exception and address them in real time before they escalate.

Make sure every resident gets a VIP experience

  • Don't wait for bad news. Anticipate and manage risks as they happen with corrective actions.
  • Prevent burnout. Provide targeted support to the teams and staff who need it most.
  • Accelerate best practice. Easily build, deploy and review best-practice standards.
  • Keep families happy. Quickly respond to enquiries and prove best-quality care has been given to loved ones.


Compliance driven insight

  • Turn hidden data into insight. Simple dashboards and KPIs help you make sense of your people, assets and building efficiency.
  • Turn insights into action. Identify trends across your entire workforce and put remedial actions in place.
  • No more time-consuming audits. Generate compliance and audit reports at the touch of a button.


Start improving care for your residents and your staff.