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Food safety

Food temperature monitoring, simplified 

Drive consistency, visibility, and accountability with digital monitoring.

When waste goes down, profits go up

Ensure consistent food checks and generate new operational intelligence and optimization opportunities with Checkit's commercial monitoring capabilities.

Streamline checks and digitize compliance

Digitize checks and reporting paperwork to capture all the time-stamped compliance evidence you need. Plus, turn all your best processes into consistent experiences for new hires or locations.
Icons__Food Ops 1 - Stock smarter

Stock smarter

Optimize inventory using data-based insights and recommendations

Icons__Food Ops 2 - Save time
Standardize operations
Ensure consistent training and adoption across people and sites
Icons__Food Ops 3 - Enjoy true peace of mind

Generate more revenue

Maximize market demand with better optimized inventory and delivery

Icons__Food Ops 4 - Know which checks

Ensure compliance

See what has happened, by who, and when, at scale

Icons__Food Ops 5 - Monitor tickets

Provide instruction

Share recommended actions based on customer checks and workflows

Icons__Food Ops 6 - Know which checks copy

Prevent more waste

Get better visibility into your food operations and optimize spend

Generate more revenue with less work

Get a demo of Checkit and accelerate your pathway to more profits.