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Operational pressure in Healthcare is at an all-time high.

Staff shortages, budgetary restrictions, rising costs and dynamic environments make it increasingly hard to solve critical challenges like cutting hospital-acquired infections, freeing up beds and reducing your noncompliance risk.

Scroll down to see how Checkit solutions can help you maintain control amid all this volatility.


Connected Automated Monitoring for Healthcare

You know how important it is to ensure medicines, biological samples, bloods, reagents and other critical assets are kept in stable conditions around the clock. It’s why we created Connected Automated Monitoring – so you can control and protect your most critical inventory, even in the most demanding, compliance-centric environments.

Pharmacy storage temperature monitoring
Lab samples & reagents
Mortuary temperature monitoring
Ward drug temperature monitoring

  • Robust wireless sensors track temperature monitoring data, humidity data and door-closure data in real-time, ensuring you don’t lose any stock
  • Performance notifications for fridges and storage appliances ensure temperature deviations are logged and responded to instantly
  • Analytics reveal vulnerabilities in your storage practices and help you provide evidence of corrective action
  • On-site calibration, temperature profiling, installation and operation qualification services ensure your hardware’s always up to scratch

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Connected Workflow Management for Healthcare

People are at the heart of what you do – from managing the day-to-day interactions with patients to orchestrating the most complex surgical procedures. That’s why it pays to empower them with the right workflow management tools, and get detailed insights into their performance so you can help them improve.

Lab workflow
Patient care checks
Infection management & control
Theatre processes & drug storage
Cleaning & facilities management
Food Safety (HACCP)

  • Digital checklists, automated task allocations and real-time alerts ensure all processes are followed accurately, efficiently and on time – whether they’re for facilities management, hygiene and infection control, medical checks, bed and asset management or food safety for patients
  • Your staff will be able to collaborate on checks in real time – even if they’re spread out across different sites – for smooth handovers and full visibility
  • Bluetooth probes integrate real-time temperature monitoring data with workflow data, ensuring clinical storage standards are being met
  • Reduce training burdens and rapidly roll out new procedures in a crisis with user-led configurations and programs
  • Cloud analytics and reports help you evaluate performance across the board, prove healthcare compliance and provide transparency to auditors
  • 121 support and guidance ensure you’re making the best possible decisions about your workflows and teams

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Connected Building Management for Healthcare

The pressure’s on to reduce your year-on-year operating costs and enable more sustainable ways of working. The fastest route to achieving those goals? Unifying all your disparate BEMS so you can bring everything under centralized control, and operate at maximum efficiency without blowing your budget.

Building energy management

  • Our tech-agnostic BEMS platform provides insights into energy, environment and occupation – typically with no installation or change of plant needed
  • On-demand service availability reporting, alarming and analytics ensure you’re maximizing uptime and predicting failures and addressing issues instantly
  • Analytics and stakeholder visualisations help you prove the impact of energy and carbon reduction initiatives, demonstrate compliance and secure buy-in for future initiatives
  • Remote management means you can assign the right tasks to the right people, even if they’re off-site
  • Installation services and 121 support ensure you’re making continuous improvements year on year

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