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Free up staff to focus on what’s important — their patients

Checkit's sensors help safeguard critical stock, save staff from fatigue-induced error, and understand how to run scalable operations with a winning patient experience.

Help staff focus on care, not chores

No more testing vaccine temperatures, tearing paperwork, or running around to maintain the facilities.

See your whole operation from your phone 
Digitize critical paperwork
Scale best-practices across sites
Managers can assign, delegate, and escalate remotely
Everyone’s on the same page—literally

Onboard faster and reduce training time

Checkit turns what your most experienced workers know into checklists and workflows for new people. It saves that senior staff time, and keeps knowledge contained, even when staff leaves.

24/7 monitoring for critical medicines and vaccines
Full temperature and environment history
Rugged, reliable, and keeps capturing even if offline

Automate compliance and generate a digital paper trail

Checkit means no more time-consuming audits. See what checks have been performed where, delegate and escalate tasks, and see everything from one central dashboard. If an auditor asks for a report, share it in a few clicks.

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Start improving care for your patients and your staff.