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Modernize your hospitality operations

Checkit’s system coordinates service workers, deploys technicians, eliminates a whole category of manual checks and paperwork, helps you consolidate software, and offers margin-enhancing insight.

Provide your staff with a way to deliver a better experience

Operators know that success in hospitality is all in the daily blocking and tackling. Checkit ensures it all happens faster and more accurately, and lets you see or escalate unmarked tasks.

Keep everyone focused on delivery
Digitize all paper checklists
Auto-guide new hires
No more shift-change misses
Automate food service compliance

Onboard faster and cut down on training costs

Checkit allows your most seasoned employees to turn their knowledge into checklists and workflows for new people. It saves that senior staff time and eliminates entire categories of training.

Predict appliance failures, food waste, and complaints

Checkit’s AI has 1.3 trillion data points in addition to your data and can notify you when aging appliances may fail, that leaks or humidity are causing damage, or that food is no longer safe—automatically.

Instill (and measure) your team’s operational excellence

Simple dashboards and KPIs help you make sense of your people, assets and building's efficiency to better serve customers. Plus, no more time-consuming audits. Generate reports with a click.

Speak with one of our hospitality experts

Automate your operations and deliver an outstanding experience to your guests and staff.