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The only Intelligent Operations platform of its kind

Checkit's Intelligent Operations platform is built to capture all of your deskless operations. Drive greater productivity, healthier environments and happier staff.

Smarter people

Make best practice your only practice

An easy-to-use app that prompts and guides your staff on best-practice actions as they are needed.  Free your workforce to focus on adding value and avoid the mundane.

Tools to keep your deskless workforce
ready for any situation

Our digital assistants respond to the ever-changing environment around them. They prompt and guide your deskless staff on what, where and when actions need to be taken.

adaptive-workflows Dynamic workflows Rapidly build, test and deploy new workflows using a simple to use drag-and-drop workflow editor, so you can adapt to ever-changing environments and demands.
centralized-control Cloud scale Capture all your deskless activity safely and securely in the cloud so you can track and manage all of your operations from anywhere at any time.
Holistic insights Dashboards and reports Out-of-the-box dashboards and customised business intelligence reports help you uncover insights and make better decisions.
lightning-fast-remediation Automated alerting

Don't wait for bad news to hit your desk. Get instant notifications and guidance so issues are resolved the moment they happen.

collaborate Share tasks with colleagues Collaborate on shared activities from within the app, remove duplicated effort and prevent information silos.
Target-Illustration-White-RGB Targeted activities Ensure activities are prioritised by the right team members, in the right place at the right time with context-aware workflows.
Smarter assets

Move from reactive to proactive

Bring your assets to life using our wireless probes and sensors for 24/7 monitoring and protection. Get notified as issues happen, rather than waiting for bad news.

Equipment sensors to protect your stock and
your pockets

Our sensors are designed to be quickly and easily installed without any technical expertise. 

medical storage Medical grade temperature monitoring Ensure safe and compliant storage of critical medical inventory, from vital medicines to laboratory samples, with our fully certified and calibrated systems.
cold storage Cold storage temperature monitoring Measure the temperature of your fridges and freezers, and wirelessly transmit the readings to drive manual investigation or other services.
hot storage Hot hold temperature monitoring Self-contained wireless sensors that operate at up to 100°C, for applications including hot-hold food storage.
router Wireless sensor hub Our hub and repeaters create a low-power, secure sensing network across your sites, using your ethernet, WiFi or connecting to 3G, 4G or 5G.
alarm 24/7 call center One of our specialist team will escalate alerts to your team, assigning each one immediately to the right member of staff.
Smarter buildings

Give your buildings a voice

Uncover hidden data from your buildings using discreet IoT sensors and powerful intelligence that helps identify energy savings and productivity gains. 

Create healthy and sustainable spaces with
building sensors

Our discreet sensors are designed to be quickly and easily installed without any technical expertise. 

humidity Humidity detection Improve the lifetime of your assets and maximise the comfort of occupants with relative humidity monitoring and preservation.
touch Touch detection Trigger a manual intervention or automated response every time the touch sensor is triggered. 
leak Leak detection Protect buildings and equipment by detecting water ingress or leaks before they cause lasting damage.
temperature sensors Temperature sensors Measure the surrounding temperature of your estate and wirelessly transmit the readings to drive manual investigation or other services.
proximity Proximity sensors Use proximity sensors on any door or window to measure everything from restroom occupancy to security.

Speak to one of our Intelligent Operations experts

Interested in how an Intelligent Operations platform like Checkit can improve your operational efficiency?

Request a demo with one of our experts to see Checkit in action and find out how it could help your team.