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Platform Overview

Make data-informed sense of your physical operations

Checkit brings your workers online with software, and monitors your sites and sensitive appliances with sensors.

Insights from a simple AI-powered interface

Checkit tells you when expensive appliances will fail, whether employees have completed their tasks, and anything else you need to know for an exceptional customer experience.

See ways to improve margins
View all your operations centrally
Eliminate unnecessary tasks
Predict maintenance
Improve stock placement
Gauge audit risk

Workflow software that guides staff and informs you

Digitize your checklists and standard operating procedures, or deploy best practices with our templates. Checkit workflow software is easy for managers and employees of any site to use.

Enforce best practices
Onboard faster
Manage seasonal workers

Sensors that give you a digital view of your physical world

Monitor sensitive equipments with wireless probes and sensors. They transmit information 24/7 with the industry’s best reliability, and store information offline if disconnected.

Capture your business’ “data fingerprint”
Safeguard temp-sensitive stock
Avoid catastrophic stock losses
Predict and prepare for outages
Eliminate manual checks

Platform - Kitchen Sensors - Physical World
Icons__Platform Top - 1 Ideal workflows

Ideal workflows

Help every worker follow the ideal workflow. Build, test, and deploy new flows in a drag-and-drop editor.

Icons__Platform Top - 2 Automate compliance

Automate compliance

Automatically capture evidence and temperature logs. Share them with auditors in just a few clicks.

Icons__Platform Top - 3 Cloud storage

Cloud storage

Capture all that information in the secure cloud, where you can analyze it.

Icons__Platform Top - 4 Dashboards and reports

Dashboards and reports

Empower your teams with dashboards, updates, and advice on what to stock or repair.

Icons__Platform Top - 5 Zero-check alerts

"Zero-check" alerts

Checkit alerts you when something happens. But it can also help eliminate alerts by enabling predictive maintenance and auto-dispatching.

Icons__Platform Top - 6 Shared checklist

Collaborate with colleagues

Eliminate duplicated effort and get everyone on the same page at every site.

Icons__Platform Top - 7 Targeted activities

Targeted activities

Ensure the right team members take the right actions in the right places at the right time.

Detect humidity. Detect touch. Detect leaks

Icons__Platform Bottom - 1 Temp monitoring

Medical-grade temp monitoring

Britain's National Health Service (NHS) relies on Checkit for critical inventory like vaccines and plasma.

Icons__Platform Bottom - 2 Idustrial strength

Industrial-strength monitoring

Suitable for use in demanding and hazardous environments.

Icons__Platform Bottom - 3 Hot temp

Hot hold temp monitoring

Self-contained sensors that work up to 100* C, for hot holds and much else.

Icons__Platform Bottom - 4 Save time copy 2

Cold storage temp monitoring

Remotely monitor fridges, freezers, and more wirelessly.

Icons__Platform Bottom - 5 Wafer-sized chips

Wafer-sized chips

Save water and energy by monitoring your pipes for fluctuations.

Icons__Platform Bottom - 6 Wireless sensor hub

Wireless sensor hub

Our repeaters create a low-power, secure sensing network

Icons__Platform Bottom - 7 Proximity sensors

Proximity sensors

For doors and windows, to measure occupancy or security.

Speak to one of our operations experts

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Request a demo with one of our experts to see Checkit in action and find out how it could help your team.