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Safeguard drugs, vaccines, and more with temperature monitoring

The world's most regulated science and medical institutions rely on Checkit's monitoring tools and so can you. We're a fully compliant and trusted partner to top life sciences organizations with a complete audit trail.

Do drug research, not drudgery

Manufacturing and research staff can say goodbye to burdensome paper-based compliance checklists that are lost or forgotten between shifts. Offer them a compliant system on smartphones and tablets which also monitors critical appliances like freezers to eliminate those checks altogether.

On-the-go access via smartphones and tablets
Dynamic workflows guide manufacturing/operational staff
Medical-grade sensor on fridges, freezers, pipes, doors, and more
Dashboards and compliance reports

Know that all your temperature-sensitive stock is safe

Checkit gives you centralized awareness of all your stock and the full digital temperature history, across tens, hundreds, or thousands of sites.

Rely on a full-validated, UKAS-accredited system
Avoid catastrophic losses with predictive maintenance
Customizable alerts for even marginal temp variations
Rugged, medical-grade equipment
Redundant data storage even if units are offline

Automate compliance and generate a digital paper trail

Checkit means no more time-consuming audits. See what checks have been performed where, delegate and escalate tasks, and see everything from one central dashboard. If an auditor asks for a report, share it in a few clicks.

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Start improving drug production without compromising compliance.