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Securing Research Integrity through Advanced Temperature Monitoring

Case Study Overview

The University of Exeter, is renowned for its world-leading research.


14 locations

The University of Exeter, spanning 14 locations across three campus sites


Protecting research

The university protects valuable research assets stored in temperature-sensitive environments.


Temperature monitoring

Constant temperature monitoring with dedicated critical alarms from ambient to -196oC.

The Challenge

Prior to technological intervention, the University of Exeter had no unified system for temperature monitoring, putting at risk £2 million worth of research assets, including irreplaceable samples. The lack of reliable temperature monitoring posed significant financial and reputational risks, especially considering the institution's esteemed standing in the global research community.

The Solution

To address these challenges, the University of Exeter partnered with Checkit to implement the our Automated Monitoring system. This solution offered continuous, accurate temperature monitoring and data logging, ensuring the integrity and safety of temperature-sensitive assets.

The Implementation

Checkit's system deployment across the university's research facilities marked a significant leap forward in asset protection and compliance. The "Peace of Mind Contract" over a 3-year term ensured that the system would be maintained at the highest standards, providing reliable and consistent monitoring.

The Benefits

Insurance Validity: With Checkit in place, the university's insurance coverage for temperature-sensitive assets became valid, mitigating the financial risk associated with potential stock loss.

Asset Protection: The system ensured the protection of approximately £2 million worth of research assets, preventing loss due to temperature excursions.

Reputation Maintenance: By guaranteeing the integrity of its research assets, the University of Exeter upheld its reputation as a leading institution in global research, further cementing its Russell Group status.


The University of Exeter's adoption of Checkit underscores the essential role of technology in preserving the integrity of academic research. This case study highlights how advanced temperature monitoring solutions can protect valuable assets, ensure compliance, and maintain the reputational standing of world-class research institutions.

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