Hassle Free Compliance

Checkit enables every type of business to transform the way they manage food, hygiene and facilities tasks, ensuring staff carry them out the right way - without fail. Now you can protect your business and be inspection ready every day for:

  • Health & safety and quality management
  • Facilities management

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Hassle Free Record Tracking

Interactive Digital Checklists

Checkit guides staff through tasks and corrective actions which are then automatically recorded and time stamped, improving compliance, control and visibility.

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Automated Monitoring

Checkit's Automated Monitoring removes the need for regular checks on critical conditions. Sensors provide continuous, consistent measurements of temperature, humidity and door status.

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Audit Ready, Every Day
Desktop Monitoring

The future of food, hygiene and facilities management

Checkit’s powerful, easy to use software defines, automates and enforces compliance management across the business.

  • Dynamic checklists guide staff through tasks and corrective actions
  • Point and click checklist building
  • Corrective action capture
  • Sensor management
  • Alert generation and escalation
  • Centralised, audit ready reporting
  • All health, safety and facilities management operations covered

Checkit is changing the way businesses approach compliance

For a low monthly subscription fee, we provide the complete package – including all hardware, software, service and support – so there are no hidden surprises regarding cost. This ensures that you get a system that simply works and is always supported through excellent customer service and online knowledge hubs.

Simple & Efficient

Easy to use, set up and manage.

Professional Service

Ongoing support, no hidden fees.

Great Value

Affordable scalable systems.