Save staff time, reduce risk and costs

From as little as £1 a day, Checkit quickly pays for itself, saving staff time and boosting productivity. Used by facilities management, healthcare and food industries to enforce consistent work practices and automate countless manual checks. It’s so clever and simple, it changes everything.

These benefits will change your business:

  • Increase efficiency: standardise food safety and hygiene management across all staff and locations
  • Improve quality and customer experience: ensure staff carry out the right tasks, the right way
  • Reduce risk: eliminate costly mistakes or food safety incidents resulting in loss of revenue
  • Reduce costs: replace manual checks and measurements with 24/7 automated monitoring
  • Improve control: centralised multi-site visibility and reporting
  • Improve audit performance: with a tamperproof record of compliance tasks
Save Time

Checkit has a solution for every business

Protect your hygiene rating and profits.

Be audit ready every day

Reduce costs.

Save hours in staff time

Now you can ensure your staff are doing the right tasks, the right way

It’s always challenging ensuring that staff are doing the right things, particularly when spread across several locations. Checkit solves this, providing a centralised, interactive cloud-based way of managing the multitude of tasks that staff need to do on a daily basis. Your processes and procedures are digitally recorded and monitored enabling you to quickly spot discrepancies and take action. Interactive checklists prompt and guide staff through tasks and corrective actions, improving efficiency and standards.

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Reduce workload and manual checks with continuous automated monitoring

Checkit smart sensors save countless hours of repetitive manual checks with continuous, accurate measurements that are sent to the cloud 24/7. It pays for itself in efficiency savings alone. Use it for alerting faults in your systems, reducing wastage and compliance requirements.

  • Fridge and freezer temperatures
  • Air temperature and humidity
  • Door opening and closing
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Audit Ready, Every Day

Checkit is changing the way businesses manage people and compliance

For a low monthly subscription fee, we provide the complete package - including all hardware, software, service and support - so there are no hidden surprises regarding cost. This ensures that you get a system that simply works and is always supported through excellent customer service

Simple & Efficient

Easy to use, set up and manage.

Professional Service

Ongoing support, no hidden fees.

Great Value

Affordable scalable systems.

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