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David Davies Jun 9, 2023 12:24:44 PM 2 min read

Maximise the potential of your teams

Checkit Connected Workflow Management accounts are getting smarter.

We are pleased to announce that on the 15th of June, we will be bringing Real-Time Collaboration to our CWM users.

Previously, any workflow performed in CWM was stand-alone - as if each user had their own digital piece of paper. With Real-Time Collaboration those digital pieces of paper can talk to each other - so if several people are working on a workflow, they will see what their colleagues are doing as it happens.

Real-Time Collaboration benefits

Imagine three people using CWM get notified something needs doing - perhaps because of a schedule or because a sensor alert has gone off. Previously there was no good way to coordinate their responses. With Real-Time Collaboration, however, when one person picks up the work, their colleagues will see that they’ve started to deal with it and how far they’ve got, even if they are at opposite ends of the building. And if the problem gets worse, the others can see in the app what’s happened and come to help as needed.

The result is that work gets done better, faster with less hassle.

How do you get it?

Once we’ve enabled the feature, you can take advantage of Real-time Collaboration when you are ready to - all you need is two or more devices running the CWM app at a location. New workflows created by one user will be visible to all, and information entered by anyone in CWM will be visible. See here for more information.

What does that mean for licensing?

Your CWM subscription entitles your organisation to use a specified number of devices to work on the CWM app in any given calendar day. These can be the devices that we provide with CWM on them, or your own devices using apps you’ve downloaded. This approach means that rather than needing to pay a license for every device CWM is installed on, you only need to buy sufficient licenses for how many devices you want to be able to use in any calendar day.

If you were using a device in a location previously and don’t add any more devices then you won’t see any change in functionality or your subscription. If you then choose to share work across devices during a given day, then that will need further licences.

Terms of Service

Please note, we have updated our Terms of Service to clarify how we license our software in light of this new development. Our updated terms of service can be found here

David Davies

Chief Product Officer