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Ian Smith Jan 26, 2023 6:58:43 AM 1 min read

Harness your operational data with our new Operational Insight dashboard

Why is operational data so important?

Operational data is an untapped resource for your business. It allows you to monitor and understand progress, ensure compliance, identify problems, optimise efficiency, spot opportunities, evaluate action, and make informed decisions that have a measurable impact on your business.  


Why do I need the Operational Insight feature?

Antiquated paper and spreadsheet-based systems rely on costly and time-consuming manual data collection and often leave you with an incomplete and incoherent picture of where you are at. By the time the data reaches you, it is usually out of date. You are then faced with the laborious task of sifting through reams of data, trying to find anomalies such as work that has not been completed or problematic sensors. As a result, you are behind the curve, potentially incurring unnecessary costs, missing opportunities, and essentially making blind decisions: mistakes you cannot afford to make in today’s business environment. 


What are the benefits of Operational Insight?

With Checkit, data collection is automated, so you save time, manpower, and therefore money. In addition, your data is complete and arranged into key performance indicators which put the anomalies at the fore, so you can identify problems at a glance.  

Data is sent from the shop floor to your fingertips in a matter of only 30 minutes, so you are poised to troubleshoot live issues, exploit lucrative opportunities, and make agile data-driven decisions. 


What's new?

Because we realise how important operational data is to you, we have updated our Operational Insight dashboard on the Control Centre, so now it is easier than ever to troubleshoot live issues that occur across your sites. It allows you to monitor: 

  • the number of active users  
  • checklists that have not been completed 
  • sensors triggering alerts, when and where  
  • average time taken to respond to check and service alerts 



How can I get it?

The new Operational Insight feature is currently being piloted with a select group of customers. If you are an existing customer and would like to get early access, contact us here. If you are not currently a customer and would like to learn more about it, contact us here.   


Ian Smith

Ian is the technical writer at Checkit.