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Digital Food Safety

Offer top quality food service, no matter who’s serving

Ensure a dining experience so good you become known for it, and continuously eliminate waste—without having to visit.

When quality goes up, so do your margins

What would you do if you could run a location with fewer hours? Forgo expensive, unplanned maintenances or unexpected spoilages? Checkit gives you that complete view.

Where would you invest 20,000 extra hours?

“Each Checkit unit has saved an hour’s labor each day. That might not sound much, but when you talk about the entire Center Parcs UK operation, it represents over 20,000 hours per year. We can now reinvest that saved time back on the business, improving controls and training people.”
Gavin Riley, Operations Program Manager, Center Parcs

Automate compliance and onboarding

Digitize paperwork to capture all the time-stamped compliance evidence you need. Plus, turn all your best people's knowledge into checklists for new hires.
Icons__Food Ops 1 - Stock smarter

Stock smarter

Turn on AI-generated placement, storage, and safety ideas

Icons__Food Ops 2 - Save time
Save time across all sites
Standardize your operations to simplify training and allow workers to transfer locations. 
Icons__Food Ops 3 - Enjoy true peace of mind

Enjoy true peace of mind

It’s a complete view of your food operations, sunup to sundown.

Icons__Food Ops 4 - Know which checks

Know which checks haven’t happened

Whether it’s kitchen setup, close-down, stock prep, or cleaning, see what has happened.

Icons__Food Ops 5 - Monitor tickets

Monitor ticket responses in real-time

See how your workforce responds to issues as they happen, and prompt staff on urgent checks.

Icons__Food Ops 6 - Know which checks copy

Escalate issues as they happen

Know about alerts as they happen, and escalate them to management as needed.

Monitor more sites with less work