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Running the operational side of a Retail business isn’t easy. First you’re dealing with high turnover, which means you’re constantly juggling onboarding and training. At the same time, the pressure’s on to ensure every step in the customer journey goes smoothly – from the right stock being on the right shelves, to your buildings being spotless, to your store temperatures being optimal for browsing in.

The good news? Checkit solutions can help you take control of all these moving parts.


Connected Building Management for Retail

Managing the complex mix of different buildings types, multiple equipment manufacturers and nationwide locations can really drive up your operating costs – especially if you’re in Food Retail. With Connected Building Management, you can take control of all those moving parts – while improving profit margins and boosting your reputation as a sustainable Retail brand.

BEMS management
Energy management
Building air quality management
Maintenance / SFG20 workflow + real time alerts

  • Real time performance monitoring mitigates stock loss by predicting refrigeration failure and assigning corrective actions
  • Eliminate abortive engineering visits by assigning events to the right contractor, measuring their response and validating the outcome
  • Remote alarming and remote fixing ensures maximum equipment availability
  • Reduce store energy intensity
  • Use our installation services to deploy new sensors or integrate existing BEMS installations with our tech-agnostic cloud platform
  • You’ll get independent, audit quality data for food hygiene inspections and proof of success

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Connected Workflow Management for Retail

People are still the heart of Retail businesses – and that isn’t changing any time soon. So empower your frontline, supply and warehouse teams and boost collaboration with the right workflow management tools.

Food Safety (HACCP)
Food-to-go preparation, tracking & labelling
Retail operations checks
Health & safety
Brand audits

  • Digital checklists, automated task allocations and real time alerts ensure all jobs or onboarding processes are being carried out accurately and efficiently, from the shop floor to the warehouse
  • Checkit cloud provides a multi-site, real-time view of all work being done
  • Bluetooth probes integrate your real-time temperature monitoring data with workflow data, ensuring food safety and storage standards are being met, while helping you drive sales and revenue improvement through BI
  • Reports help you prove you’re meeting all Retail compliance requirements, and spot opportunities for future improvement

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Connected Automated Monitoring for Retail

Lower the annual costs of lost perishable goods, reduce the chances of human error and avoid lengthy maintenance call-outs by protecting your critical assets 24/7, and tackling problems before they escalate.

Retail and community Pharmacy
Food Retail
Hot-hold for Food 2 Go
Fridge temperature monitoring
Door-closure monitoring

  • Manage store ventilation and temperature using our smart sensors
  • Enable real-time alerts on your appliances – we’ll flag them with the nearest engineer and fix issues fast
  • Use analytics on all your appliance data to demonstrate compliance and spot inefficiencies
  • Remote intervention is there 24/7, so whenever you’re not around to make cost-saving adjustments, we’ll step in

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