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Life Sciences

Running a laboratory or pharmaceutical operation today is a high-risk, high-pressure and cost-critical undertaking.

Your to-do list now includes: reducing the cash involved in production, minimizing the risk of not meeting customer deliveries, protecting your inventory, staying compliant amid mounting regulations, reducing errors and downtime…

Scroll down to see how Checkit solutions can help you maintain control and efficiency despite such a high-pressure backdrop.

Life Sciences

Connected Automated Monitoring for Life Sciences

You know every single data point is critical – from the temperatures of products in storage to the minute-by-minute performance status of your appliances. It’s why Connected Automated Monitoring gives you unified control and oversight over all those points in one go.

Lab samples & reagents temperature monitoring
Biobank and storage

  • Easily and rapidly change temperature warning thresholds, both centrally or by device
  • Automated compliance checking keeps you up to date with evolving regulations
  • Real-time temperature monitoring and humidity monitoring ensure appliances are cared for 24/7 to preserve your precious stock
  • Alerts for things like open doors and use of dual-sensor readings minimize the impacts of human error
  • Advanced support services offer guidance and diagnostics, and ensure your tech stack is always up-to-date

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Connected Workflow Management for Life Sciences

Despite the prevalence of machinery, a whole bunch of critical work still relies on people. So empower your people to do their best work and collaborate more effectively with the right workflow management tools.

Lab workflow
Sample handling & tracking
Cleaning & facilities management
Infection management & control
GxP compliance and MHRA manufacturing controls
Cell line development and drug research
Biotech clinical drug trials

  • Digital checklists, automated task allocations and real time alerts ensure all processes are followed accurately, efficiently and on time
  • Checkit cloud provides a multi-site, real-time view of all active tasks
  • Analytics and reports help you evaluate performance across the board, demonstrate compliance and provide transparency to auditors
  • Stakeholder visualizations help you make more informed decisions, and secure buy-in for initiatives

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Connected Building Management for Life Sciences

Close environmental control is critical for protecting your medical assets. The first step to gaining that control? Connecting all your disparate BEMS into one tech-agnostic platform with Connected Building Management.

BMS management
Energy management
Maintenance / SFG20 workflow + real time alerts

  • Track key performance and measurement metrics (energy, metering, lighting, environment and occupancy) across multiple sites in real time – irrespective of underlying technology
  • Use analytics to spot inefficiencies, performance degradation and predict possible compliance breaches
  • Connect disparate BEMS data streams for deeper insights into environmental performance, support validation and accreditation processes
  • Integrate new BEMS using our installation services
  • Get 365/7/24 remote monitoring and minimize your risk of compliance breaches while ensuring correct storage of your assets

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