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All defined terms used in this document are contained in our Terms of Service. 


1.    How are subscriptions calculated? 

Checkit sells software licences on a per Active Device Licence basis, i.e., based on how many devices the Customer needs to be active to complete work in any one day. The specific method used will be specified on your Quote. Checkit Sensors are sold on a per unit basis as per specific Customer requirements.


2.    What is the payment frequency? 

Payment is annually in advance. Monthly and quarterly options are only available at extra cost. 


3.    How long is the Minimum Term? 

The Minimum Term is 36 or 48 months. Shorter periods are only available at extra cost. 


4.    Can I make changes to the Subscription? 

You may request changes to your Subscription at any time. Please see clause 20 of our Terms of Service for more information about how to do this. Making a change to your Subscription will generally result in an extension of the Minimum Term. 


5.    What happens at the end of the Minimum Term? 

Your Subscription will continue until you give Notice and the Notice Period has expired after the end of the Minimum Term. See clause 21.2 of our Terms of Service for Checkit’s notice period.  


6.    How can I cancel my Subscription? 

You may cancel your Subscription at the end of or after the end of the Minimum Term by giving us the required Notice. You are also allowed to end your Subscription earlier in certain other circumstances. For details of when your Subscription can be ended earlier please see clause 21 of our Terms of Service. 


7.    Who owns the Checkit equipment? 

The Equipment will belong to you once we have received payment. You will be responsible for any loss or damage to the Equipment once it is in your possession. For details about replacing any of the equipment please see clauses 8, 9 and 10 of our Terms of Service. 


8.    Who owns the Checkit software? 

We do – see clause 7 of our Terms of Service. 


9.    Who owns Data held on the Checkit system? 

You do - see clause 18 and the definition of ‘Data’ in our Terms of Service.  


10.    Do I have to use Checkit Equipment to access Connected Workflow Management? 

No, if the Quote includes the Checkit App. See clause 12 of our Terms of Service. 


11.    How many users can access Checkit?

We sell App licences on an ‘Active Device Licence’ basis – e.g., if you purchase five (5) licences then a maximum of five (5) devices can use Checkit over the course of a calendar day. Specific details will be set out in the Accepted Quote. There is no limit on control centre access. 


12.    Where can I get support?

If you are having problems with Checkit or would like to speak to us about your Subscription, please email help@checkit.net or refer to the Checkit website. For more details about our support service (including repair/replacement of equipment) please see clauses 4, 8, 9 and 10 of our Terms of Service.