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Sensors that automate temperature monitoring, and much more

Monitor remote locations and physical equipment with smart sensors and probes. Captured and store transmitted data points 24/7 - online or offline - with the industrial-grade reliability.

Capture your operational  “data fingerprint”
Safeguard temp-sensitive stock
Avoid catastrophic stock losses
Predict and prepare for outages
Eliminate manual checks

Platform - Kitchen Sensors - Physical World

Detect temperature. Detect touch. Detect almost anything.

Icons__Platform Bottom - 1 Temp monitoring

Medical-grade temp monitoring

Monitor your critical inventory like blood, vaccines and plasma.

Icons__Platform Bottom - 2 Idustrial strength

Industrial-grade durability

Suitable for the most demanding and hazardous environments.

Icons__Platform Bottom - 3 Hot temp

Hot hold temp monitoring

Monitor up to 100* C, for hot holds and much more

Icons__Platform Bottom - 4 Save time copy 2

Cold storage temp monitoring

Remotely and wirelessly monitor fridges, freezers, and more

Icons__Platform Bottom - 5 Wafer-sized chips

Pipe fluctuations

Wafer-sized chip can monitor water and save energy

Icons__Platform Bottom - 6 Wireless sensor hub

Wireless sensor hub

Repeaters create a low-power, secure sensing network

Icons__Platform Bottom - 7 Proximity sensors

Proximity sensors

For doors and windows, to measure occupancy or security.

Icons__Platform Top - 7 Targeted activities

Zero check alerts

Enable predictive maintenance and auto-dispatching

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