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Connected Workflow Management

Connect your people and processes under one digital roof for seamless collaboration, efficient workflows, real-time performance metrics, and long-term insights that help you continuously improve performance on the frontline.



Say goodbye to inconsistencies, time-wasting data entry and long training times by transforming your outdated checklists, spreadsheets and DIY work management apps into seamless digital workflows.

  • Rapidly digitize and connect processes without coding using the tools and templates in our Control Centre
  • Our structured customization tools will ensure all your workflows are user-friendly, scalable and fully configurable. 
  • Set up automatic allocations of work to users based on location and role – then set notifications so critical tasks never go ignored, and errors get fixed instantly
  • Use Checkit sensors, memos and probes to get real time visibility into all tasks, and ensure you’re hitting all your safety and compliance standards


Once you’re connected to Checkit Cloud, you’re ready to track progress in real time from any location, on any device, round the clock.

  • Use your Checkit dashboard to track all tasks in real time
  • Store and secure that data in Checkit Cloud – where millions of operational data points are already being analyzed
  • Use our dashboards to turn that data into instant feedback to teams and managers on performance against benchmarks
  • Let supervisors respond to critical issues and communicate with team members instantly through the mobile app
  • Use Checkit analytics to spot weaknesses in your processes, non-compliance or time-wasting factors
  • Uncover the links between process performance and your business KPIs: sales, efficiency, quality, wastage, compliance – you name it
  • Filter for the most critical issues so you can take an exception-management approach instead of focusing on all the negatives at once


Finally gain the performance insights you need to make profitable, lasting improvements to your frontline operation.

  •  Instantly prototype, deploy and test process improvements with our user-led configurations – then monitor the results in real time, ensuring your processes keep up with the pace of change
  • Encourage ‘bottom-up’ innovation – you’ll have the freedom to experiment with your processes, then take the best ones and scale them rapidly across your organisation
  • Checkit reports and analytics will help you demonstrate transparency and compliance to auditors, while giving you critical business insights into how to improve over time
  • We’ll support you every step of the way — providing 121 advice, diagnostics and next-best-action recommendations, ensuring you’re making consistent gains year on year


All our workflow management tools are purpose-built to ensure your people and processes flow seamlessly, together.

  • Connected Workflow Management app: powerful, easy-to-use mobile app that presents work to users based on role, location and time, with added offline functionality
  • Control Centre: the web app that lets you build, manage and analyze your digital processes. It runs in the Checkit Cloud, provides secure data storage, and scales limitlessly


Configurable options:

  • Memo: our robust handheld option for running the app – ideal for hygiene-critical environments like kitchens or production areas
  • Probes: colour-coded Bluetooth temperature probes that connect directly to the app
  • Sensors: for automated monitoring of critical assets

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