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Connected Building Management

Connect all your disparate BEMS across energy, metering, lighting, environment and occupancy in one centralized platform, so you can run multiple buildings at maximum efficiency, keep costs down and save C02 across the board.

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The first step to enabling smart buildings of the future is to bring all your disparate BEMS data under one digital roof:

  • Integrate your existing BEMS installations (or install new ones) onto our tech-agnostic cloud platform for real-time visibility over every aspect of the buildings under your care
  • Get full on-site and off-site control over your buildings from one centralized, user-friendly hub – on any web-browser-enabled device
  • Benchmark agreed performance metrics to validate improvement and prove the impact of your initiatives
  • Enable real-time service availability reporting and alarming so any issues or deviations from your estate standards are flagged and addressed straight away
  • Minimize the need for abortive callouts with 99.999% levels of mechanical plant availability


Once you’re up and running you’ll be ready to capture cogent big-building data from an unlimited range of diverse building technologies:

  • Collect meaningful data over time and get deep building or estate-wide insights that reveal opportunities for efficiency gains across your whole estate
  • Evaluate and cross-reference all the key metrics so you can spot opportunities for improvement, so you’re taking an exception management approach instead of focusing on all negatives at once
  • Use our services to conduct comprehensive energy surveys that help you identify viable short, medium and long term strategies for energy cost savings
  • Get stakeholder visualizations for stronger engagement on your initiatives and proof of progress


Time to turn all your connected BEMS insights into actions that lead to long-term, profitable improvements across the board:

  • Make improvements across the board and boost your brand reputation by setting sustainability targets for things like energy and carbon
  • Measure in-use performance against design intent, then use the insights you generate to close the performance gap
  • Bill occupiers accurately for actual energy consumed based on cogent, granular real-time data
  • Manage your buildings and estates remotely, reducing the need for skilled engineering resource on each site
  • Use real time performance data to inform investment decisions and prove the return on investment meets the prediction
  • Consult our reports to ensure your energy cost savings are being maintained at optimal levels year after year
  • Take advantage of our support services — from remote appliance management to help securing buy-in for your future BEMS initiatives
  • Ensure compliance with audit-quality data


All the tools you need to maximize your BEMS investments well beyond the initial installation phase:

  • Connected Building Management platform: for uniting, tracking and managing all your disparate BEMS in one place
  • Control Center: intuitive dashboard for data trends and KPIs
  • Installation services
  • Support services

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