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Connected Automated Monitoring

With the cost of medicines and other critical assets increasing while demand is surging, now is not the time to lose stock.

So take a look at our two asset-monitoring offerings below and learn how to connect and monitor all your precious inventory in real time, for hassle-free compliance, maximum uptime and insights that enable instant corrective action. 

Automated Monitoring

Automated Monitoring combines robust, self-contained wireless sensors and cloud technology to monitor and protect your critical assets 24/7. It integrates fully with Connected Workflow Management, and is perfect for industrial, commercial and medical applications.


Connect all your assets to Checkit Cloud using our wireless probes and sensors for 24/7 monitoring and protection, and get notified immediately whenever there’s a deviation from set control points.

  • Our automated-monitoring sensors cover key processing, compliance and data storage requirements, and are ideal for food safety, stock, drugs and chemical reagent storage
  • The range also includes hot-hold sensing capability – self contained wireless devices that operate at up to 100°C, for applications such as hot-hold food storage
  • You’ll also get offline functionality as standard, so you can retro-fill data when reconnected, making sure precious information is never lost
  • Our connected services will be on hand to help you with anything from implementing data management initiatives to addressing storage or process failures captured in Checkit Cloud


Once you’re connected to Checkit Cloud you’ll get real time visibility across multiple sites from any location, plus the freedom to set up alert rules, limits and triggers.

  • Checkit Cloud will give your teams the ability to respond directly to any incidents, whether they’re on-site or remote, with all data time-stamped and un-editable
  • Reports and analytics will give you key insights into ways to improve, so you can take an exception management approach – they’ll also equip you with secure, traceable, audit-ready records
  • Over time, you’ll end up with a deep repository of operational data that’s stored in three different places, securely, and accessible from anywhere


Finally, you’ll be able to transform the insights you generate in Checkit Cloud into actions that ensure long-lasting, profitable improvements across the board.

  • User-configurable processes and analytics will give your people the power to make informed changes across the board in minutes — and see results immediately via Checkit Cloud
  • Network and battery alerting will bring infrastructure problems to the fore, so the system can be continually tuned for top performance
  • Simple ‘swap outs’ of sensor elements will ensure a low-hassle process for maintaining calibration performance
  • Our hardware and software comes as a service — so you can scale up as your operation evolves
  • We can provide reports and visualizations that help you prove the success of initiatives, and secure buy-in for new ones
  • Finally, we’ll be on hand to support you 24/7, with immediate diagnostics and next-best-action recommendations


Your subscription will provide all the tools and services for protecting your mission-critical assets round the clock. All products integrate seamlessly with Connected Workflow Management, for the optimum combination of automated and human tasks:

  • Automated Monitoring app: powerful, easy-to-use mobile app that delivers alerts and notifications to all relevant staff
  • Control Center: intuitive dashboard for data trends and KPIs  
  • Checkit Cloud: accessible and protected data-storage hub that hosts millions of operational data points
  • Wireless sensor network: our hub and repeaters create a low-power, secure sensing network across your sites, using your ethernet, WiFi or connecting to 3G, 4G or 5G
  • Purpose-built sealed sensors: robust wireless sensors – including hot-hold sensors –  for temperature monitoring of fridges, freezers and hot holds
  • Purpose-built wired sensors: extended-temperature-range, humidity and door-closure sensors that connect to our wireless base stations

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Automated Monitoring +

Formerly Tutela

This is the premium asset-monitoring solution designed for the most demanding compliance environments in Healthcare and Life Sciences. It includes everything from ultra-low temperature sensors for cryogenic storage, to sample simulant temperature monitoring, to advanced gas and pressure monitors.


Eliminate inefficient, expensive manual checks while protecting assets 24/7 with advanced wireless sensors on your medicines, biological samples, bloods, reagents and more.

  • Once you’re connected to Checkit Medical Cloud via our wireless sensors, you’ll get alerts the moment your assets deviate from preset parameters, so you can respond immediately
  • You’ll be able to track and manage all your appliances from any location through the Automated Monitoring + web app
  • Every time something goes out of range you’ll be notified fast – not just electronically but also by our dedicated call centre, who’ll make sure nothing gets missed
  • Every alert will be recorded, along with the actions taken – with all data time stamped and un-editable
  • All your data will be secure and accessible 24/7 via Checkit Medical Cloud — from any web-browser enabled device


Once you’re connected to Checkit Medical Cloud you’ll get real time data on all appliances, and long-term insights that help you make smarter decisions about your operation.

  • Use the Automated Monitoring + app to set notifications for faults and deviations from preset parameters

We’ll also get the alerts on our side, so we can provide immediate diagnostics and remote management if you need it
  • All the data you generate will be sent securely to Checkit Medical Cloud, which you can access from any location
  • Your Checkit reports will reveal areas for improvement, so you can take an exception management approach instead of focusing on all the negatives at once
  • The reports will also give you clear evidence of compliance and corrective action for auditors


Finally, you’ll be able to transform the insights you generate in Checkit Medical Cloud into assured actions that fuel profitable, long-lasting improvements.

  • Reports and analytics will help you show evidence of corrective measures to authorities following any incidents, so you can move on swiftly. They’ll also help you identify opportunities for improvement
  • You’ll get 121 support whenever you need it – plus annual on-site calibration, temperature profiling, installation and operation qualification services, so your hardware is always up to standard
  • And our 24/7 alert call center is at your disposal


Your subscription will provide world-class hardware, software and services for reliable performance across the board – for a simple regular fee, avoiding capital outlay and hidden charges:

*All our Advanced Medical Monitoring components are compliant with NHS Digital, UKAS, CQC, HTA, GxP, MHRA, HSCN (N3) and FDA. They’re also certified to ISO9001:2015, and fully meet the requirements of the FDA CFR 21 part 11. Finally, our data security is compliant to ISO27001.

  • Automated Monitoring + app
  • Checkit Medical Cloud
  • Control Center: the web application for configuring and managing your setup.  It runs in Checkit Cloud, provides secure data storage and can be replicated across locations for added resilience
  • Sensors: a wide range that connects to the sensor network to securely relay data to the cloud.  Available with initial and ongoing on site UKAS calibration
  • Wireless sensor network: our Wireless Alarm Repeater Panels and repeaters will create a low-power, secure sensing network across your sites via your ethernet
  • 24/7 call center: where we’ll handle each new alert, assigning each one immediately to the right member of staff 

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