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George’s Tradition joins the digital revolution with Checkit

Cambridge, June 2018. George’s Tradition Fish & Chips is to deploy Checkit across its operations to streamline and digitise important tasks – from food safety to HR, marketing and operations management.

George’s has turned to Checkit’s cloud-based Real-Time Operations Management Platform to replace all its paper checklists – which were time-consuming to complete and file – with a smart and simple digital alternative that automatically prompts users to perform tasks at the right time and alerts supervisors when work is late or problems occur.

In performing this digitisation, Checkit creates a complete and simple overview of key performance data through its Operational Insights dashboards. This will play a vital role in managing the group going forward as performance can be tracked in real time by site, team and processes, creating the visibility needed to benchmark across the group and to allow managers to intervene before small dips in performance turn into major issues

“Checkit is enabling us to digitise a wide range of operational processes – from food safety to common HR tasks.  Not only is it removing paper and making tasks easier to perform for our staff, the Operational Insights dashboard is now creating a new kind of visibility across our sites, allowing us to drive up performance and identify issues” said Alice Broster, George’s Group – Compliance Manager

According to David Davies, Checkit’s Director of Product and Marketing, “It has been a pleasure to start our work with George’s. There is a great fit between Checkit’s capabilities and their vision to exploit the potential of digital operations management to drive up performance, freeing up teams to focus on their customers.”

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