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Fish Friers’ Federation chooses Checkit for digital food safety in its Training Academy

The National Federation of Fish Friers (NFFF) has begun using Checkit’s digital food safety technology as a teaching aid for students learning about safety and hygiene. Students attending courses at the training academy will be able to use Checkit’s innovative digital food safety solution and learn how to optimise compliance and manage all the food safety tasks required to run a fish & chips business safely and successfully.

Established in 1913, the National Federation of Fish Friers is a members’ organisation for many of Britain’s 10,500 fish & chips businesses. Around 250 managers, staff and new business owners undertake training at its academy each year, with the number expected to grow.

As the NFFF saw cloud-based systems growing in popularity across all areas of retail, it decided to make digital food safety management part of its training academy. Committed to teaching best practice, as outlined by the Food Standards Agency (FSA) in its Safer Food Better Business guidelines, the NFFF chose Checkit’s digital food safety management system, as it comes pre-programmed with checklists based on the guidelines.

“We want to promote and protect the fish & chips industry, and showcasing the latest technologies that are available to help improve the way businesses are run is a way of doing that,” says Andrew Crook, President of the NFFF. “Managing food safety digitally is much more convenient compared to a paper-based system, and leaves business owners with more time to focus on developing other aspects of the business.”

A member-led organisation, the NFFF offers peer-to-peer advice and is dedicated to raising the standards of the industry through training, qualifications and the NFFF quality awards scheme. At its training academy in Leeds, the federation offers various courses covering all aspects of the business from marketing to food hygiene. The bespoke training facilities feature a fully functional fish & chips shop-style training kitchen, where students can learn the skills in a real-life environment.

Checkit replaces time-consuming and error-prone paper-based procedures with a touchscreen handset, which prompts staff when checks are required and provides simple instructions on what needs to be done. Completed tasks are automatically time-and user-stamped and recorded to a secure Cloud account to form an audit-ready trail of work carried out. The system gives managers complete visibility of all compliance tasks and enables multiple sites to be monitored remotely in real time.

The Checkit solution is now installed in the training kitchen where students will use it to manage all the required food safety, cleaning and hygiene tasks. The NFFF will also continue to teach the paper-based hygiene management practices, but expects the trend towards digital alternatives to keep increasing.

“Digital systems are becoming the norm because of the way businesses progress: many business owners become multiple operators, which makes management challenging as they can no longer be on site at all times. Checkit gives them confidence – they know they have a system in place to make sure the essential food hygiene tasks are taken care of, even when they are not there,” said Andrew Crook.

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