Specialists from Checkit were invited to discuss Covid vaccine distribution challenges on the PharmSci Today podcast hosted by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society’s Chief Scientist, Professor Gino Martini.

Checkit’s Healthcare Account Director, Mike Hobby, and Chief Product Officer, David Davies, talked about the importance of monitoring temperature-sensitive medicines throughout the supply chain.

The podcast explored the evolution of monitoring mechanisms, from thermometers and paper records to today’s wireless automated solutions, which provide an early warning of improper conditions that could impact the safety and efficacy of medicines.

However, the complexity, scale and urgency of the Covid-19 vaccination programme bring additional challenges requiring innovative approaches.

David Davies explained how Checkit’s Connected Workflow Management could provide another leap forward in the management of medicine storage and distribution. Combining real-time temperature monitoring with process management tools that prompt, guide and record actions at key stages of the supply chain could be transformational. With this approach, healthcare providers can further reduce the risk of medicines being damaged by unsuitable conditions and provide evidence of compliance to increase overall confidence.

The PharmSci podcast (Episode 21) is available here: https://www.rpharms.com/resources/podcast-central/pharmsci-today