Checkit plc announces it has entered into an agreement to provide Intelligent Operations Management capability to BP International Limited at over 320 company owned locations in the UK for an initial period of three years. Further discussions are ongoing with regard to rolling out the platform across the UK dealer-owned estate and across a number of countries outside the UK including the Netherlands. The application initially is for temperature monitoring and production planning purposes.

Checkit ensures the right people do the right thing, in the right place, at the right time. In many cases it is able to eliminate human intervention altogether through the use of sensor technology.

It helps frontline staff adhere to agreed processes by automating, guiding and enforcing their activities. For supervisors Checkit automatically allocates and schedules work, making exceptions and issues easy to handle. For managers and leaders it provides continual insights across the business to gain real-time control of operations – in many cases for the first time.

Checkit technical and implementation teams have the expertise to install, operate and manage integrated solutions for its customers. Its operations and compliance consulting practice covers all levels of operational management.

Checkit helps businesses and organisations in many sectors including the following examples:

  • Service businesses (including food safety, leisure and hospitality, facilities management, health & safety)
  • Healthcare and life sciences 
  • Operators of smart buildings and building energy management systems (BEMS) 
  • Industries with mobile workforces, ready for digital transformation, such as transportation

Keith Daley, Executive Chair of Checkit said:

“At Checkit, we have one goal: To help our clients achieve operational excellence. We provide our customers with the technology and support they need to manage their businesses in a way that ensures consistency, productivity and compliance. That gives them a sustainable competitive advantage. We have been working with BP for some time and are delighted that our capabilities have been recognised by one of the world’s biggest energy companies. It is encouraging that Checkit has added such a well-known global enterprise to its portfolio. We believe this both validates the Checkit technology and also helps underpin its future growth.”