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Checkit’s cloud technology helps One Aldwych achieve round-the-clock compliance

Real-time digital checklists simplify the challenge of managing a 40-strong workforce and ensuring consistent compliance in a 24/7 environment

Cambridge, September 2017 – One Aldwych, the award-winning luxury hotel in the heart of Covent Garden, has taken its commitment to quality to a new level with Checkit’s digital food safety management system ( The cloud-based solution protects guests by ensuring the hotel’s kitchen complies with the strictest HACCP requirements at all times, and saves up to seven hours of staff time each week, enabling the kitchen team to focus on its outstanding cuisine.

The kitchen team previously managed critical compliance tasks using pen and paper checklists, which were time-consuming to fill in and gave the management no visibility over the tasks carried out. If a crucial compliance check was missed, it might not be uncovered until days later.

One Aldwych adopted Checkit’s food safety management system, together with Checkit automated fridge and freezer temperature monitoring, in March and has now completely abandoned paper-based checklists and reporting for HACCP processes.

“With the old system, we had to rely on someone to do their job and remember to take a record of it. We are only human, sometimes things happen or someone might be off sick or just forget to do something, and that was the danger,” explains Dominic Teague, Executive Chef, One Aldwych. He oversees Indigo, the innovative dairy and gluten free restaurant which also caters for the hotel’s room service and special events.

“With Checkit, if tasks have not been completed on schedule, I get an email alert before the shift changes. I can then speak to those employees before they leave and make sure everything gets done.”

Checkit’s digital handsets feature tailored checklists for all employees from kitchen porters to sous chefs. The handsets alert staff when a task is due and guide them to complete it. Results are then automatically recorded in the cloud to create user and time-stamped, real-time, audit-ready compliance records, which the management team can access remotely.

The digital records have helped Dominic simplify the challenge of managing his 40-strong staff by providing better visibility over the status of critical compliance tasks and improving reporting accuracy. They have also helped free up valuable management time: instead of trawling through mountains of paperwork, Dominic can now review and manage the essential information quickly and easily via a cloud-based control centre.

“Checkit makes everything clearer, sharper and more accurate, and provides solid records: if there were any issues or allegations, having compliance information on hand also provides protection, as we can quickly prove that our processes were not at fault. Essentially, Checkit makes sure there are no grey areas when it comes to compliance,” Dominic concludes.

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