Checkit makes food safety easy for small businesses with Checkit Solo | Checkit

Checkit makes food safety easy for small businesses with Checkit Solo

Switch on and go digital Safer Food Better Business system created with local government food inspectors.

Cambridge, UK, 11 October 2016, Meeting food safety standards just got easier for small businesses with the launch of Checkit Solo, a simple to use digital food safety system from market leader Checkit (http://checkit-old.local/). It works out of the box and is available at a price point that enables single outlet food businesses to safeguard hygiene, ditch food safety paperwork and protect their revenues.

Checkit Solo gets rid of food safety paperwork and checklists, which are time-consuming to complete, check and file. The system will save at least a day of staff time every month and make life easier for owners and head chefs. Similar to a phone service, but with no ongoing contract required, the innovative digital food safety system costs just £199 and £19.99 a month. It includes the handheld Checkit Memo, which comes pre-loaded with digital, food inspector approved, checklists based on the Food Standards Agency’s Safer Food Better Business, a smart wireless temperature probe, real-time alerts and secure online storage for food safety records.

When food hygiene tasks are due, they are automatically flagged on the Memo, making sure staff complete them – and if they are missed owners are immediately alerted. Digital food safety records are instantly created and timestamped as staff finish tasks and stored securely online, meaning they are always accurate, up to date and accessible from anywhere through a smartphone, PC or tablet.

From neighbourhood restaurants and coffee houses, to pubs, takeaways and mobile caterers, Checkit Solo provides a complete package that makes it easy for owners and head chefs to effectively and efficiently manage food safety. Developed in conjunction with food inspectors from Cambridge City Council it’s as easy to use as a smartphone, meaning there’s no need for training or set-up – just switch on to transform food safety management.

“As a start-up mobile franchise getting food safety right seemed daunting. Paper based food diary records were unwieldy, and just plain awkward in a small mobile food establishment,” said Richard, Checkit Solo customer and Franchise Owner from Howe & Co. Fish and Chips. “Checkit however, solved all these issues. The small robust device was perfect for us and we now embed all our food safety routines easily throughout the day, as it should be, rather than being a chore at the end. I was running my first food check within half an hour of unpacking my handheld Memo. For the price it is a no brainer!”

Businesses know food safety is vital, but in busy kitchens checks and food safety records can be easily overlooked or forgotten, with potentially disastrous consequences. Solo destresses food safety for small businesses and increases confidence for owners – even if they are not on the premises.

“At the Food Standards Agency we are committed to ensuring every food business meets the highest standards when it comes to food safety,” said Nina Purcell, Director of Regulatory Delivery and Wales, Food Standards Agency. “When it comes to smaller businesses, digital food safety systems are becoming increasingly important as they allow them to save time, money and meet the hygiene standards that customers rightly demand.”

Food hygiene is front of mind with consumers and low ratings or food safety incidents can shut a restaurant down. Bad news travels fast, and 75% of consumers said they’d never return to a business that had had a food safety incident, demonstrating how vital good practice is.

“There’s a real unmet need when it comes to small business food safety,” said David Davies, Managing Director, Checkit. “Owners and chefs know how vital it is, but translating guidelines into action can be difficult, leading to them drowning in paperwork, rather than proactively managing safety. Checkit Solo is perfect for their needs – no paper, no missed checks and no setup time, serving up perfect food safety time after time.”

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