Checkit plc has entered into a Framework Agreement with John Lewis plc for the supply of connected workflow, asset monitoring and building management solutions for a period of three years.

The agreement, effective from 1 August 2020, provides all Waitrose and John Lewis shops with the opportunity to benefit from Checkit’s Connected Workflow Management (CWM), Connected Automated Monitoring (CAM) and Connected Building Management (CBM) services.

A key provision of the agreement is a continuing innovation programme focused on the ongoing adoption of the CWM platform. The platform digitises the scheduling and reporting of operational workflows with a view to automating manual processes, increasing efficiency and delivering greater management insight.

By expanding the suite of services it provides, Checkit aims to support the Partnership in improving the quality and consistency of end-to-end processes – including steps performed by Partners for the first time – by replacing paper and documents with digital process tools. CWM will also deliver new insights and operational KPIs that can be used to analyse performance and identify training needs, as well as generating automatic digital records for in-house and third-party quality inspections.

Keith Daley, Executive Chair commented: “At Checkit, we are devoted to empowering large and complex organisations in their journey to operational excellence. Checkit UK Limited has worked with the John Lewis Partnership since 1993 and we are delighted to be continuing and developing that relationship going forward, with digital innovation at the heart of our new agreement.”