Catering business first mobile chippy in country to switch to digital food safety

Catering business first mobile chippy in country to switch to digital food safety

Howe & Co franchise leads the way with Checkit 

Cambridge, UK, 3 November 2016, The Warwickshire-based franchise for Howe & Co has become the UK’s first mobile chippy to use innovative technology to guarantee high food safety standards after adopting Checkit’s handheld digital food safety system.

Howe & Co Fish and Chips franchisee,  knew that food safety was a priority, particularly given the poor reputation of some mobile catering vans. But he needed a way of making it easy to carry out food safety checks in a busy, small van, ensuring that every order meets the highest standards of quality.

“As a new business tackling food safety was potentially daunting – while there is plenty of support from people such as the Food Standards Agency, turning their advice into action looked like a big job – and involved a lot of paperwork” said Richard, Franchise Owner, Howe & Co. Fish and Chips. “Checkit makes it simple and digital, saving me time when I’m serving. It has all the checks we need to follow pre-loaded on the unit and simply flashes up when they are due, you do it then and there – job done. It shows we’re serious about food safety and customers love the extra reassurance it gives them. It worked out of the box and is easy to use and cheaper than a smartphone.”

Checkit Solo gets rid of food safety paperwork and checklists, which are time-consuming to complete, check and file. It includes the handheld Checkit Memo, which comes pre-loaded with digital, food inspector approved, checklists based on the Food Standards Agency’s ‘Safer Food Better Business’ (SFBB) procedures, a smart wireless temperature probe, real-time alerts and secure online storage for food safety records.

When food hygiene tasks are due, they are automatically flagged on the Memo – and if they are missed owners and head chefs are immediately alerted. Digital food safety records are automatically created, timestamped and stored securely online when tasks are completed, meaning they are always accurate, up to date and accessible from anywhere through a smartphone, PC or tablet.

“Given the amount of paperwork involved small businesses have often struggled with managing food safety,” said David Davies, Checkit. “We’re delighted that Richard, has become the country’s first digital mobile fish and chip van using our Checkit Solo system to make food safety as simple as pressing a button. It shows how single outlet food businesses can safeguard hygiene, ditch food safety paperwork and protect their revenues while increasing customer value in an easy to use, cost-effective way.

Checkit Solo costs just £199 and then a subscription of £19.99 a month, with no ongoing contract required.

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