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A Look Inside the AI Battle to Lower Your Industrial Cooling Costs

Plus 4 other ways AI might soon save you money

In March of 2023, the machine learning algorithm GPT-4 passed the bar exam. Then it passed the Certified Public Accountant exam, then the SAT, LSAT, and exams in biology, chemistry, being a sommelier (weird), and coding.

Worrisome? Perhaps. But there’s a pattern here. Can you see it?

AI excels at solving structured problems, where there’s a “right” answer. It’s much less adept at, well, almost everything else that makes you and your employees good at your jobs—like reasoning or moving physical objects. But in the right situations, it can be your workplace partner.

This capability makes it a surprisingly good fit for a problem that bedevils machineryheavy businesses from hospitals to restaurants: cooling. Cooling is one of those immensely difficult challenges AI wasn’t fit to address until this year. But now, a machine that can pass for a lawyer and an accountant can focus its vast computational powers on saving you small sums that add up to a lot.

In this guide, you'll discover how AI recommendations can improve your margins. 


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