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Food Safety Risk is Business Risk.

How Safe is the Food at Your Multi-Site Organization?

Foodborne illnesses put customers and reputations at risk. Is your organization properly equipped to identify and mitigate safety issues across all your locations?

Even diligent food handlers can overlook critical temperature, sanitation, and storage vulnerabilities day-to-day. Gaps in protocols spread risks rapidly across the organization. Strengthen your food safety culture with proactive monitoring and alerts that identify anomalies in real-time. Protect customers and your business from the growing hazards of food-borne outbreaks.

Get instant feedback on the safety of multi-site food operations now! Take our brief survey to reveal how your current food safety program measures up. Discover potential blindspots and receive expert recommendations to reinforce defenses at every site.

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They trust Checkit for their food safety monitoring needs. You can, too.