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Restaurant Operations & Food Service

Running the operational side of a Food Service business has never been easy – whether you call it restaurant operations, food operations or kitchen operations.

On top of traditional challenges like high staff turnover and rigorous safety rules, you’re facing new challenges – like the make-or-break power of online reviews, the surge of demand for deliveries evolving food preferences and trends, and the big ones: minimizing your costs and making sure it’s safe for workers to return in a post-Covid-19 world.

Checkit sensors and software are already helping thousands of food service professionals like you streamline their restaurant operation and improve their margins whilst reducing food waste.

restaurant operations

A Guided Assistant To Support Deskless Workers Across Your Sites

The Checkit guided assistant for food services and restaurant operations will help you reduce costs, retain staff and remain compliant. New joiners and long-time employees are prompted for critical processes like food safety checks and supported when they raise an issue to upper management and acknowledged when they go the extra mile.

Food Safety (HACCP)
Health & Safety audits
Equipment maintenance routines
Brand audits
Cooking recommendations
Waste Management
Staff cost reduction

  • Our digital assistants transform your disparate processes into collaborative, user-friendly mobile workflows for optimal restaurant operations
  • It then puts control of serving your customers in the hands of your well-connected, mobile, front-line staff –allowing collaboration across all your processes
  • Real-time alerts and notifications ensure all work gets done accurately and on time, with issues only being escalated by exception to keep management overhead down
  • Checkit Cloud provides real-time, multi-site visibility– so you can compare sites and team performance, boost efficiency across the board and streamline restaurant operations to deliver a better customer experience overall
  • Bluetooth probes integrate real-time temperature monitoring data with workflow data, ensuring food safety and hygiene standards are being met.
  • Enjoy 24/7 top-quality customer service & support with our peace of mind

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What Others in Restaurant Operations are Saying About Checkit


Automate Your Restaurant Operations To Save Time Whilst Becoming Audit Proof

It’s critical you have real-time oversight and control over your appliances, so you can maintain food safety ratings, save time, ensure regulatory compliance and ultimately – protect your reputation. Modern technologies including Checkit sensors help you do just that.

Fridge & freezer temperature monitoring
Hot hold & hot food temperature monitoring
Door-closure monitoring
Control over the hot & cold chain

  • Configurable smart sensors provide 24/7 asset protection, so you avoid costly waste and keep food safe, fresh and ready to serve – including hot hold sensors 
  • The system will make sure all fridges and chilled cabinets are kept within your pre-set parameters
  • Avoid costly call outs with real-time alerts and connected services for remote diagnostics and next-best-action recommendations
  • Use your accrued data to create stakeholder visualizations so you can prove performance gains
  • Reduce the time needed onsite to complete internal audits, provide EHOs with accurate, tamperproof and timestamped data at a click of a button.

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Improve Restaurant Operations With Smart Buildings

Save money, boost productivity and make substantial building efficiency gains year-on-year. Achieve your sustainability goals faster by combining smart operations and smart buildings.

Maintenance / SFG20 workflow + real time alerts

  • Get real-time insights into energy, metering, lighting, environment and occupancy across multiple sites
  • Integrate existing BEMS installations (or install new ones) with our tech-agnostic cloud platform
  • Minimize downtime with service availability reporting and alarming
  • Use our reports and analytics to demonstrate compliance and success of your initiatives

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Uncover Your Dark Operations: Bridge The Gap Between Your Restaurants And Head Office

How quickly do you learn about appliance failure? Do you spend time chasing store managers for weekly reports? Has it become more difficult to recruit front-of-house staff since COVID-19? Do you know how much food is wasted every week and worse, how many sales are missed because of under production? You might be experiencing symptoms of dark operations.


  • Checkit solutions bring together teams across sites to create true restaurant operations excellence.
  • Shed light on new business opportunities, invest in revenue generating activities and compare performance across stores though a unified dashboard.
  • Empower your deskless workers with the digital tools they have been asking for, improve staff happiness and retention

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