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Facilities Management

It’s hard to keep standards consistently high in Facilities Management. Not only because you’re trying to keep costs low, but because you’re constantly grappling with disruptive challenges like higher-than-ever staff turnover, lengthy training processes and fluctuating demands.

See how Checkit solutions can help you turn that disruption into order, lower your costs, and earn a well-deserved reputation for innovation.

Facilities Management

Connected Workflow Management for Facilities

Your people are the heart of your Facilities operation. The ones on the frontlines looking out for things like legionella, health and safety issues, and security breaches. It’s why they deserve to be empowered with the right work management tools, and steered in the right direction with clear, user-friendly workflows.

Infection management & control
Health & Safety audits
Security checks

  • Digitize, connect and streamline all your disparate processes through the Connected Workflow Management mobile app
  • Set notifications so errors, noncompliance and neglected tasks get flagged, shared and addressed instantly
  • Give supervisors real-time visibility into all active tasks across the business, and share reports and analytics in the Checkit Cloud

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Connected Building Management for Facilities Management

The first step to consistency in building management is connecting all your disparate BEMS. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to reap the even bigger benefits like reducing your costs, getting more out of available resources and in the long run, securing more contracts.

BMS management
Energy management
Building air quality management
Intelligent apportionment
Space management
Maintenance / SFG20 workflow + real time alerts

  • Get real-time data on energy, metering, lighting, environment and occupancy across your Facilities estate
  • Easily integrate all your existing BEMS installations into our cloud-hosted, tech-agnostic platform – or add new ones with our installation services
  • Minimise downtime with service availability reporting and alarming – receiving instant notifications and diagnostics whenever issues arise
  • Respond rapidly and consistently to all faults and problems, reducing occupier complaint levels
  • Use analytics to prove compliance, enable easy auditing and improve your sustainability reputation
  • Manage by exception rather than the norm
  • Use our dashboards to map asset performance, provide early indication of performance degradation and manage your estate during unoccupied periods
  • Eliminate the need for training and engineering knowledge with simplified interfaces, so your buildings can be run by non-engineering personnel
  • Automate apportionment for transparent billing and easy management of both landlord and occupier space 

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Connected Automated Monitoring for Facilities Management

You know time is literally money in Facilities – every minute of downtime matters. It’s why we make it our business to ensure you keep your (and your customers’) appliances up and running as much as possible.

Temperature monitoring
Door closure monitoring

  • Use smart sensors to send accurate, real-time data to Checkit Cloud – replacing countless manual checks
  • Track everything from temperature and humidity to equipment and door closing
  • Identify and fix faults in equipment early with real-time alerting and diagnostics
  • Use Checkit Cloud reports to enable easy auditing and demonstrate compliance

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