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Double down on what's working and cut out what isn't with Checkit

Guide staff and help

drive costs down

Checkit's digital assistants and sensors replace paper and spreadsheet checklists. Your teams log in each day to a tailored list of actions designed specifically for them, wherever they are.

Staff can say goodbye to dog-eared and coffee-stained checklists that get lost or forgotten between shifts. Now they focus on the priorities that keep your customers happy, your business moving and costs down. Checkit prompts and guides staff based on who, what, when and where they are. Every activity is captured by Checkit and made available via business intelligence dashboards and compliance reports from a single interface.

Save time and money with efficient actions

  • Drive efficiency in every action. A single source of truth that prompts and guides your staff through their daily priorities.
  • Shift from execution to excellence. Digital assistants deliver embedded training and guidance to ensure the right team is doing the right task at the right time.
  • Save time with sensors. Stop wasting time on admin tasks - let sensors stream the information you need.

Early warnings keep you one step ahead

  • Don't wait for bad news. Anticipate and manage risks as they happen with guided corrective actions.
  • Prevent burnout. Provide targeted support to teams and staff that need it most.
  • Accelerate best practice. Easily build, deploy and review best-practice standards across teams and locations.

Stress-free audit and compliance reporting

  • Turn hidden data into insight. Simple dashboards and KPIs help you make sense of your people, assets and building efficiency.
  • Turn insights into action. Identify trends across your entire workforce and put remedial actions in place.
  • No more time-consuming audits. Generate safety and compliance reports at the touch of a button.



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