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Facilities Management

Get insights into operations in real-time

Automatically monitor tens, hundreds, or thousands of sites to ensure reliability and catch issues before they become catastrophes. Our dedicated software helps staff automate best-practices, and AI insights keep them working efficiently. 

Facilities insights like you’ve never seen, savings like you’d never believe

With Checkit’s sensors and software, your workers can monitor critical assets and take action from their phones. It ensures best-in-class service and saves you money.

Save on unplanned repairs with predictive maintenance
Reduce engineer visits, heating cost, and water waste
Predict building-damaging leaks and humidity
Eliminate manual checks on fridges, doors, etc.
Monitor pipes so you know what’s been flushed and when

Onboard faster and reduce training time

Checkit turns all the things your most experienced workers know into checklists and best practice workflows for new people. It saves that senior staff time, and keeps knowledge contained, even when staff leaves.

Automate compliance and auto-generate a paper trail

Checkit means no more time-consuming audits. See what checks have been performed where, delegate and escalate tasks, and see everything from one central dashboard. If an auditor asks for a report, share it in a few clicks.

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