Checkit for Facilities Management

Every outsourced services company needs to meet the highest agreed standards while keeping costs down. Winning and retaining contracts are the key to profitability. Securing business is not about reducing prices but demonstrating innovation that differentiates your offering and improves client services.

Checkit solves these issues by reducing costs and improving efficiency, quality, visibility and compliance – providing you with a key competitive advantage.

Do you know if your staff are doing the right things at the right times, in the right places? Checkit does.

Checkit is an automated monitoring and digital work management system providing a centralised, interactive way of managing the tasks and compliance that staff need to carry out on a daily basis and is proven to increase the quality and productivity of your workforce.

Improve efficiency and quality of service. Take control.

Facilities management encompasses a wide variety of processes and priorities across complex estates over multiuple locations. In an industry where staff turnover is high, it is extremely challenging ensuring staff are working efficiently to the highest standards.

Checkit ensures all tasks are carried out correctly, at the right time, with a record of who, what and when they were completed.

Protect your contract catering business & food hygiene ratings with digital food safety checklists
  • Schedules are uploaded via a cloud-based control centre
  • Staff are prompted to carry out tasks via a handheld device
  • Checkit guides staff how to do the task
  • Completed tasks are automatically time-stamped and recorded in the cloud for reporting and compliance
  • Smart wireless temperature sensors keep an eye on equipment 24/7
  • Alerts or problems are flagged in real-time for timely corrective actions
  • Management gain real-time visibility of compliance, by teams, locations or functions to spot trends and issues

Use Checkit to better manage health and safety compliance, food safety, cleaning and maintenance schedules, equipment and security checks and the whole range of soft services that you provide to your clients.

Cut staff costs with automated monitoring

Checkit smart sensors replace countless manual checks and hours of staff time providing wireless real-time monitoring and recording of temperature, humidity, equipment, and door closing from a single cloud system.

There are countless manual facilities management and health and safety checks that can be automated using Checkit smart sensors that send continuous, accurate measurements to the cloud 24/7. Minimal staff resources can be used to monitor conditions via the Checkit control centre.

  • Reduce wastage, improve food safety – ensuring fridges and freezers maintain the correct temperature
  • Reduce energy consumption – ensuring building temperatures are optimised to save money
  • Identify maintenance issues early – alerting you to faults in clients’ equipment

Cloud Reporting

Dramatically reduce management and reporting burden.

Checkit enables managers to take control of the essential tasks and processes involved in meeting your clients’ catering, cleaning and facilities management services from the top down, providing:

  • 100% paperless audit-ready records
  • 24/7 visibility of teams and compliance tasks at multiple locations
  • Real-time alerts and early warnings of non-compliance
  • Consistent codes of practice
Chckit control panel - business intelligence dashboard

Digitising processes improves business performance

Performance can be tracked by site, team and process, creating insight that gives top to bottom control, management and visibility of your operations in real-time.


  • Retain and secure contracts through demonstration of innovation, openness and efficiency gains
  • Perform better vs SLAs to improve client satisfaction, account management and reduce penalties


  • Time saving on checks and admin (on site and regional mgt). 1-3 days a month for a site.
  • Better training, faster onboarding
  • Energy efficiency from better setting up and monitoring of refrigeration
  • Reduced stock loss from poor temperature control
  • Automated contract management and reporting


  • Enforcement and continuous monitoring of group standards
  • Identify issues early to avoid escalation

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