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How Just Eat Improved Food Safety with Checkit

Case Study Overview

Just Eat is the leader in restaurant order takeaway


20 countries

Just Eat con­nects con­sumers and restau­rants through their plat­form in 20 coun­tries.


30,000 restaurants

Thousands of restaurants rely on Just Eat to deliver their food and service.


10,000 Employees

Just Eat employees thousands of people across 20+ countries.

The Challenge

Just Eat, a leading global marketplace for online food delivery, operates over 200 "dark kitchens," providing a way for restaurants to expand their delivery capabilities without adding more in-person dining. With annual revenues soaring, the company faced unique challenges in ensuring food safety and compliance across its decentralized kitchen operations. To ensure corrective measures were implemented on the ground, Just Eat decided to find a solution.

The Solution

Seeking to fortify its food safety protocols, Just Eat collaborated with Checkit to deploy an Intelligent Operations System. The solution was selected for its ability to provide real-time, remote oversight of food safety practices, thereby bridging the gap between the central compliance team and individual kitchen operations.

The Implementation

The deployment of Checkit's technology enabled Just Eat's Global Compliance Team to monitor kitchen operations from afar, gaining instant insights into compliance levels through high-level reports. This remote oversight capability allowed for timely interventions, ensuring that any issues were promptly addressed without the need for on-site visits.

The Benefits

Operational Efficiency: The use of Checkit's solutions significantly saved staff time by streamlining food safety checks and ensuring consistent compliance across all dark kitchens.

Brand Protection: By enhancing food safety measures, Just Eat safeguarded its brand reputation, ensuring customer trust in the quality and safety of the food delivered.

Increased Compliance: The intuitive nature of Checkit's systems fostered a higher compliance rate among kitchen staff, with the ease of use encouraging consistent adherence to food safety protocols.

The Results

50% Reduction in wasted time
10x Faster checks & audits
100% Compliance

The usability of Checkit for the teams on the ground is very intuitive. If it is not easy for the teams, they will not use it. With Checkit, our teams use it.

Konrad Treter Global Food & Product Safety Project Manager

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