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Asset Intelligence

Get performance and predictive insights into your freezers, fridges, and other critical assets.
Getting started

Discover a more efficient way to leverage your assets

Go beyond traditional methods of capturing and analyzing data.


Checkit sensors are already capturing real-time information. Now you can expand the value of these activities to a new level.



Turn under exposed data points into actionable operational insights by sending data to a single source.



Turn insights into predictive insights and actionable plans by getting visibility into system reliability and availability.

Prevent unnecessary risk & waste

Physical assets not providing real-time digital insights is risky business

Industrial-grade heating and cooling equipment provide minimal insights, yet often store mission-critical inventory which is expensive and not easily transported. Not having insights into the performance of the systems housing those items puts unnecessary risk on the business.
Detect & predict

Turn regular data points into the easiest way to boost your bottom-line

By leveraging a proprietary set of data models which are designed to expose efficiency gains and cost savings, you can quickly and easily get a tangible ROI of your ongoing operational improvement efforts.
Powerful benefits

Modernize your operations. Elevate your ESG strategy.

Do more with your operational data.

Be proactive

Act on poorly performing assets during warranty periods (rather than after) 


Optimize assets

Don't replace healthy assets if you don't need to, just, run them longer  


Improve availability

Get visibility into your asset reliability, and receive predictions on asset health.


Mitigate risk

Reduce unexpected failure rates and provide further protection to critical inventory.


Reduce waste

Identify underperforming systems which need to be replaced now, or should be soon


Budget accurately

Justify and govern replacement spend across all sites and assets

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Start your next operational journey

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