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Connected Workflow streamlines retail tech roll-out across 300 sites

Engineers from ARC Services (ARC), who were installing Checkit technology at over 300 UK sites over a 10-week period, used Connected Workflow Management themselves to coordinate the deployment quickly, efficiently and effectively

Engineers from ARC Services (ARC), who were installing Checkit technology at over 300 UK sites over a 10-week periodused Connected Workflow Management themselves to coordinate the deployment quickly, efficiently and effectively – minimising disruption and eradicating the need for time-consuming return visits. 


When a large retail brand introduced Connected Workflow Management at over 300 nationwide outlets, the Checkit solution proved pivotal in more ways than one. 

As well as strengthening quality control, efficiency and best practice across the brand’s food-to-go operation, Connected Workflow Management had a crucial role in the deployment process. 

Installers from ARC opted to use the Checkit solution themselves to remotely coordinate the roll-out, which was completed in just 10 weeks. 

About ARC Services 

ARC specialises in the provision of IT and POS services throughout the UK, Europe and the Nordics, with further global reach via its established Partner Service Provider network. Based in Berkshire, the company specialises in installing and supporting large and widely distributed estates for some of the world’s leading hospitality, food & beverage, retail and leisure brands. ARC also supports large customers in the healthcare, manufacturing and automotive sectors. 


A team of eight engineers, selected from ARC’s field engineering team, travelled the length and breadth of the country to fulfil a demanding deployment schedule with maximum speed and efficiency.  

Checkit’s Connected Workflow Management app was quickly adopted by the frontline team to assist in the process. Engineers were equipped with Checkit Memo handsetspreconfigured with installation checklists for each site. The digital checklists reinforced on-site safety procedures and requirements for protective equipment. They also provided step-by-step guidance on the tasks to be completed at each store, including the positioning of sensors being installed for automated temperature monitoring 

The engineers used Checkit’s Memo device to sign in at each site, log the fulfilment of tasks and take photographs of the installation, including QR codes, serial numbers and barcodes. The Memo also enabled the engineers to report completed installations, with sign-off from site managers.  

All data was captured in real-time and visible to a central team, who were able to immediately identify and resolve technical issues or missing procedures – before the engineer moved on to their next location. By enabling corrective action in real-time, Checkit’s Connected Workflow Management minimised disruption and eradicated the need for time-consuming return visits. 

The system automatically created a comprehensive, real-time report on the progress of the project so that managers could track job status and productivity, as well as providing time-stamped evidence of adherence to procedures. 


Leading up to the first week of the roll-out, the Checkit team provided invaluable help and guidance. Within two days, our engineers were fully confident with the system and we quickly ramped up to 40 sites per week,” said Rob Young, Lead Project Manager at ARC. “No two sites were exactly the same, so the set-up was different each time.  

The Checkit system kept our engineers on track, showing them exactly where they were in the process at any time, even when distracted by customer interactions. Using the Memo just became part of the process. 

This made it easier to capture barcodes and other information. A big benefit was using the Memo to take photos that were automatically tagged and filed with all the other information about a site. Another advantage was having far less paperwork to complete. 

“At the end of each installation, the system generated a live report with confirmation that all checks were completed. It worked extremely well and certainly made my life easier throughout the full span of the project.  

Phil DouglasOperations Manager at Checkit, said: “This project was a shining example of close collaboration, aided by Checkit’s Connected Workflow Management technology. The commitment and adaptability of the ARC team was central to our success. ARC’s engineers quickly embraced the solution and executed the roll-out with impressive precision and professionalism.” 

Christian Irwin, Customer Relationship Director at ARC Services, added: “It’s natural for people to be wary of changes to their daily routine but with a little trainingour engineers quickly recognised this was a tool that would help – not hinder – their work. It made their lives easier, rather than being another thing to think about.”