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At a time of costly trade wars, skills gaps and fragmented supply chains, it’s hard focusing on the bigger picture – like achieving consistent productivity levels, reducing downtime, lowering your operating costs and getting data-driven insights that help drive your business forward.

Scroll down to see how Checkit solutions can help you gain more control over your operation and get back to achieving those long-term goals.


Connected Workflow Management for Manufacturing

The most important ‘assets’ on your production line are still your people. It’s why they deserve workflow management tools that help them integrate better with machinery, collaborate more easily, and receive clearer process management.

Health & Safety audits
Equipment maintenance routines
Security management
Quality checks on the shop floor
Hygiene, health and safety regimes

  • Digitize your processes and synchronise teamwork with the Connected Workflow Management app
  • Track progress across multiple sites in real time
  • Easily onboard and upskill staff, and automatically assign tasks to users based on role, location and shift
  • Set real-time alerts so users can instantly respond to issues or neglected jobs
  • Get long-term insights that give your people clear guidance on improving performance
  • Use our centralized repository in Checkit Cloud to store all your data for easy access, auditing and compliance

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Connected Automated Monitoring for Manufacturing

Quickly repair or root out inefficiencies before they cause long-term damage, and get unified, real-time control and oversight over your appliances.

Temperature monitoring
Door close monitoring

  • Use our smart sensors to track everything from temperature and humidity to door closure, round the clock
  • Remotely access appliances from your desktop or mobile, reducing time-heavy manual checks
  • Use analytics and dashboards to get insights into how to enhance your estate, and prove compliance for things like health and safety
  • Get remote guidance and diagnostics with our 24/7 support services

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Connected Building Management for Manufacturing

Boost performance across your sites, create a safe environment for your workers, optimize the energy consumption of plant and machinery, and ensure a cost-effective operation from start to finish.

BMS management
Energy management
Production process tracking
Quality assurance and audits
Maintenance / SFG20 workflow real time alerts

  • Get real-time data on energy, metering, lighting, environment and occupancy across your whole estate
  • Easily integrate all your existing BEMS installations into our cloud-hosted, tech-agnostic platform – or add new ones using our installation services
  • Stop lengthy and abortive callouts with remote monitoring – receiving instant notifications and diagnostics whenever issues arise for maximum uptime and highlights of repeated issues
  • Use continuous monitoring and alarm analytics to identify poorly performing equipment, predict failure and inform investment decisions
  • Combine your operational data with energy data – exploiting opportunities to reduce costs and save energy per unit of production
  • Use analytics, reports and comprehensive energy audits to ensure you’re continually optimizing against targets while demonstrating compliance
  • Combine disparate data streams to produce long-term, deeper insights into environmental performance

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