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Schools and universities are hives of operational complexity.

Staff, suppliers and site managers all need effective processes and communication channels in place just to keep the ball rolling. And not only that – they need those processes and channels to remain resilient in the face of increasingly tight budgets, heightened scrutiny over spending, constant change and demand for transparency across the board.

See how Checkit solutions can help you fight all of these pressures without blowing your budget.


Connected Building Management for Education

Get total oversight and control over your diverse estate, then save energy, boost your green credentials and attract talented students.

Space management
BMS management
Energy management
Building air quality management
Maintenance / SFG20 workflow + real time alerts

  • Harness granular, multi-site energy data, set precise benchmarks and track progress in real time
  • Measure occupancy so you can optimize space allocation and building operation, and deliver the right learning environment in the right space
  • Easily integrate all your existing BEMS installations (or install new ones) into our tech-agnostic cloud platform
  • Use analytics to combine your operational data with energy data – exploiting opportunities to reduce costs and save energy
  • Use stakeholder visualizations to prove efficiency gains and compliance, and make your budgets go further

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Connected Workflow Management for Education

Turn all your disparate processes into streamlined, user-friendly digital workflows and give critical support workers the tools they need to do their best work.

Food Safety (HACCP)

  • Use the Connected Workflow Management app to transform your siloed processes into connected, user-friendly digital workflows
  • Automatically assign tasks to users and set notifications so issues get flagged and addressed in real time
  • Integrate bluetooth temperature probes with the app to ensure all standards (food safety, hygiene etc.) are being met in real time
  • Use the business insights generated by Checkit Cloud to make smarter operational decisions, prove compliance and enable easy auditing

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Connected Automated Monitoring for Education

We’ll make sure you stay compliant with ever-increasing regulations, keep your critical inventory safe 24/7, and ensure maximum uptime across every single asset you rely on – whether it’s for catering or scientific research.

Fridge temperature monitoring
Door-closure monitoring

  • Use our smart sensors to track all your appliance data accurately in real time – from fridge temperature monitoring to door closure
  • Stay compliant with real-time, configurable energy-threshold alarms for all appliances and stock
  • Monitor and control ventilation and room temperature to create a consistent environment for students and staff
  • Fix issues before they become disruptive and costly with diagnostics and next-best-action recommendations from our support team

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