Our approach

Our goal is to bring technology to previously untouched areas of business to transform their efficiency. We do this by:

  • Designing offerings from the customer backwards to solve real, relevant problems. We combine deep industry knowledge with insights from customer feedback and research.
  • Exploiting the possibilities created by major shifts in technology to bring new levels of usability, support and affordability. In particular we are exploiting cloud computing, smart handsets and the “Internet of Things”.
  • Operating as a new breed of service provider that wraps up connected “things” and cloud applications in a supported, accessible offering that is straightforward to adopt.
  • This is made possible by our multi-disciplinary development teams that bring marketers, customer service experts, industrial designers and engineers together in our Cambridge UK headquarters.

Checkit Work Management puts these ideas into action. Market experience plus detailed market research showed a need that new technologies allow us to meet in a new, innovative fashion.

  • A simple system to organise and schedule all the checks and jobs between staff and across both the day and the week.
  • A system that enables them to take measurements and checks securely with no room for fudging information.
  • The ability to have the right records available at all times in order to retain hygiene ratings with the EHO.

Our Scope

We believe our products, services and partnerships have been designed to meet the needs of the food industry for better ways to manage safety and operational efficiency. The platform they use is applicable wherever distributed monitoring and checklists have a role. We welcome discussions on how we can serve customers beyond food

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