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About Checkit

We help complex and multi-site businesses optimize performance at every operational level – from people on the frontlines to critical assets and buildings. So they can enable productive, cost-efficient ways of working, respond faster to market changes, and harness the power of data-driven decision-making.

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about checkit

In May 2020 Checkit launched a new website and new brand, unifying the new partnership with Tutela, Next Control Systems and Axon, allowing us to expand our offering to serve our customers better. This coincided with the use of updated terminology for solutions, concepts and company names. The companies Tutela, Axon and Next Control Systems are now Checkit.


Why Checkit

For over a decade we’ve been working with leaders, operational heads and frontline workers in multiple industries across a huge range of applications. From helping Leisure giant Center Parcs cut costs and save staff time, to helping Life Science leader ABCAM boost their temperature monitoring capabilities, to helping Waitrose & Partners unify and smarten their building management systems.

Thanks to those partnerships, we’ve developed, tested and refined our solutions to ensure the best possible hardware, software and consulting services on the market.

The result? Five big benefits:

centralized control
Centralized Control

We bring all your disparate workflows, processes, people and places together via Checkit cloud – so you can track and manage your entire operation from anywhere, anytime.

Holistic insights
Holistic insights

Our cloud platforms provide comprehensive reports and stakeholder visualisations for smarter decision making, and help securing buy-in for future initiatives.

Adaptive workflows
Adaptive workflows

Our user-friendly interfaces give your people the power to build, test and deploy new workflows in minutes, so you can adapt to ever-changing environments and demands.

Lightning-fast remediation
Lightning-fast remediation

The second a task is overdue, or an appliance deviates from your pre-set parameters, or energy is being wasted, your people will get instant notifications and diagnostics – so they can fix issues fast and avoid costly callouts.

End-to-end support
End-to-end support

You’ll get 121 advice and next-best-action recommendations whenever alerts get triggered – or we spot golden opportunities for improvement.

Who we serve

Business leaders

Understand and improve the big picture

  • Get a clear picture of performance at every level to effect change across the business
  • Use the insights you generate to inform your biggest operational decisions
  • Reduce admin burden and free up your best staff to innovate
Operational heads

Boost efficiency, drive effectiveness

  • Catch problems in real time and iterate processes to stop them recurring
  • Streamline collaboration across teams and share best practices and insights
  • Prove what you’re doing is working with comprehensive data reports and stakeholder visualisations
Frontline workers

Work safer, faster and happier

  • Approach every task with certainty, following crystal-clear, user-friendly processes
  • Spend less time fixing common errors and work on challenging projects that move the dial
  • Give supervisors granular insight into your performance, to accelerate your development

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