Smart technology for real-time
operations management

At Checkit, we have one goal: To help our clients achieve operational excellence.

Our passion is providing technology and services that support our customers in managing and optimising their business operations. Smart technology that ensures consistency, productivity and compliance. Technology that automates, monitors and documents processes to provide data insights for achieving operational excellence.

Checkit helps businesses and organisations in many sectors such as:

  • Service businesses, including food safety, leisure and hospitality, health & safety
  • Healthcare and life sciences
  • Facilities maintenance and building estate management
  • And industries with mobile workforces, ready for digital transformation

What can we do for you?

We connect people and places with policy and processes through Internet of Things (“IoT”) smart sensors, mobile and cloud technology.

Our real-time operations platform helps businesses access previously untapped data sources and transform them into insights that can be acted on, immediately.

In practice this means

  • Our work management tool provides smart digital checklists that are easy to use and configure. Checklists that make sure the right people do the right thing, in the right place, at the right time
  • Our UKAS accredited automated monitoring ensures compliance and mitigates loss of valuable drugs, bloods, samples and medicines. Monitoring that is backed by real-time 24/7/365 telephone support.
  • Our smart wireless sensing networks use Internet of Things technologies to replace manual checks with 24/7 monitoring, protecting valuable stock, appliances and processes.
  • Our remote management of building services provides ongoing technical support and serviced packages. Going beyond the installation phase to facilitate continued operational and financial benefits.
  • Our technology independent platform for smart buildings helps optimise estate wide operations. Acquiring big building data from multiple sources, providing estate performance analytics at all levels.
  • Data and reporting of business intelligence that provide a 360 degree view which helps businesses realise operational excellence.

What is operational excellence?

Operational excellence comes from the way business operations are run in real time - how automated management systems are set up, how frontline workers handle processes, how supervisors can quickly fix errors, and how managers and leaders gain immediate insight to ensure that operations are running as efficiently as possible.

Our real-time operations management technology and services make this easy.

Checkit ensures the right people do the right thing in the right place at the right time.

  • It helps frontline staff to follow agreed processes by automating, guiding and enforcing their activities.
  • For supervisors Checkit automatically allocates and schedules work, making exceptions and issues easy to handle.
  • For managers and leaders it provides continual insights across the business to gain real-time control of operations.

Checkit at a glance:

  • Founded in 2012
  • Acquired Next Control Systems in 2019
  • 175 people, £12m revenues and growing fast!
  • Technology Centres in Cambridge and Fleet, UK and offices in the USA.
  • Meet our Board of Directors

Tutela Monitoring Systems - from Checkit

Tutela is a specialist healthcare and life science temperature monitoring and data insights platform for the management of critical temperature sensitive biological assets and products.

Working with partners in hospitals (including the NHS - UK), private healthcare, pharmaceuticals and life sciences and retail healthcare sectors. Tutela provides real-time monitoring with a manned alarm calling service 24/7 all year, offering insights that support improved quality, regulatory safety and compliance.

Visit the Tutela Monitoring Systems website

Next Control Systems - from Checkit

Next Control Systems designs, installs, project manages and commissions building energy management systems. With over 25 years of experience, Next helps its clients to run their building management services and facilities as efficiently as possible.

Going beyond the initial installation phase, Next provides automated monitoring and real-time data analysis, with 24/7 alarm call centre support. Using Next Control Systems BMS clients are able to benefit from reduced facilities and building management operational costs.

Visit the Next Control Systems website

AXON - from Checkit

The AXON platform improves day to day building estate efficiency, as well as help prove in-use performance versus design intent. Providing visualisations and reporting to support the various stakeholders within the building, AXON delivers actionable insights for carbon reduction, energy and operational efficiencies.

A technology independent platform, AXON communicates with a diverse range of manufacturers equipment. Data is acquired from multiple sources for energy, metering, lighting, environment and occupancy, providing estate performance analytics at all levels.

The big building data AXON acquires empowers its clients to optimise the management of their estate, enabling them to deliver a better, smarter building today.

Visit the Axon website

Find how Checkit's real-time operations management software can make your organisation smart, safe and efficient.