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Center Parcs drives up productivity with Checkit

Discover how Checkit is helping Center Parcs save over 20,000 hours of staff time every year while giving managers unprecedented control and visibility.

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Center Parcs

Center Parcs operates five holiday villages across the UK, each occupying roughly 400 acres of pristine woodland. Guests can enjoy a full range of indoor and outdoor activities, or just kick back by a heated pool before enjoying a spot of fine dining.

Behind the scenes, keeping the cogs of this enormous machine turning are people like Gavin Riley, Food, Beverage and Retail Manager.

Gavin and his teams are now using Checkit’s Real-Time Operations Management solution for critical food safety compliance procedures and temperature monitoring. This frees up valuable time boosting the efficiency of their daily tasks.

From a management perspective, Checkit’s Operational Insight Smart Dashboards are creating KPIs and visibility of trends and performance across the business in a way that would never have been possible with the old paper-based system.

As a result, performance can be tracked in real-time to rapidly act on emerging problems.

By the numbers (per site):

  • 4,000 guests every week
  • 1,500 employees
  • 12 restaurants and bars
  • 125 fridges and freezers
  • 2,500 weekly temperature checks

Step-by-step compliance

Center Parcs are serious about their responsibilities when it comes to looking after so many guests each week, making them a diligent, risk-averse organisation. Consequently they put Checkit through its paces at their Whinfell Forest site with an extensive trialling and validation process designed to maintain their existing high standards of compliance and IT security.

With a green light from this analysis, they began a national roll-out for food safety and compliance recording. Whinfell Forest and Woburn Forest sites took the lead, phasing out their old process over several months before now relying entirely on Checkit.

The intent is not just to replace paper, but to use the newly digitised data to set, measure, and refine KPIs across the operation. Metrics such as the length of time equipment is operating within specification, and the proportion of tasks completed to schedule, are examples of new, valuable insights into operational performance.


“Each unit has saved an hours labour each day. That might not sound much, but when you talk about the UK business operation it represents over than 20,000 hours per year.”

Gavin Riley, Food, Beverage and Retail Manager

Setting the standard

Checkit allows Gavin and his teams to set their own parameters and realise their own vision of what success looks like.

The compliance standards set internally by Center Parcs are much higher than those for the wider industry, so the initial focus was on getting highquality data and getting rapid feedback to frontline staff.

Via wall-mounted tablets linked to the monitoring summary, staff can track metrics like food temperature accurately, and in real-time, to make sure they don’t fluctuate beyond the acceptable range.

Already, Center Parcs are seeing big improvements in three key areas:

  • Improved productivity
  • Greater confidence in data
  • Easier access to that data

…all of which, coupled with less time doing and supervising basic repetitive tasks translates to a boost in productivity.


“Checkit’s automated temperature monitoring gave us the kinds of variables we needed to make sure it would work given our high compliance standards. Our conversations with Checkit’s account managers and development teams meant we were confident it would prove to be a future-proof solution.”

“Right now, our focus is compliance. We’re in the process of auditing and making sure those boxes get ticked, but we’re already seeing some opportunities emerge for other applications, which we can explore in future.”


Center Parcs food service and catering

Ready for the public eye

With a total saving of 20,000 hours annually, Center Parcs can now invest this time back into training, improved waste management, and other behindthe-scenes essentials, like improving controls.

With the system proven and the rollout across all sites in progress, focus is now planned to shift to a broadening of scope bringing in other applications for the technology.
Introducing Checkit to the remaining sites, plus a new site in Ireland that is expected to be completed by the summer of 2019, meaning a total of 800 active sensors across the business.

Automated time tracking, stock management, and user-based accountability, all paperless, promise the same kind of time savings, creating a smoother experience.
Beyond that, the team is optimistic that this same efficiency can be applied to front of house compliance.

Checkit: In Gavin’s own words

Gavin Riley, Food, Beverage and Retail Manager - Center Parcs

“Checkit was chosen not only because it provides a single-vendor solution, from temperature monitoring to food safety, but it can also scale to our needs. This allows us scope to diversify into front-of-house and business intelligence reporting. It’s a partnership with a bright future.”

“We can now reinvest saved time back on the business, improving controls and training people.”

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Case study - Center Parcs productivity boosted by Checkit business intelligence software

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