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Abcam chooses Checkit for mission critical temperature monitoring.

When global life science players, Abcam, wanted to enhance their temperature and monitoring hardware and reporting, they came to Checkit.

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Abcam have been among the leading innovators in life sciences since 1998, developing the highest quality antibodies, proteins, peptides, assay kits, and reagents. They ship globally to a number of prestigious institutions, helping researchers understand more about our biology and create new and ever more efficient treatments.

For Logistics Inventory Manager, Edward Mole, this means monitoring up to 40 sensors at a time, spread across two buildings where stock is held.

Edward and his team needed an automated monitoring solution which offered both airtight precision and supreme ease of use.

“Our old monitoring system gave us the data we needed, but it was confusing; there was a lot of irrelevant material. Besides, it all looked clunky and outdated; there had to be something better out there.”

Abcam use Checkit automated temperature monitoring

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Pinpoint precision for the life sciences

Abcam’s manufacturing process produces large bulk quantities of antibodies destined for research, which are then split into saleable units and stored in freezers until a customer makes a purchase.

Temperature monitoring and control is critical through this entire process, and it needs to be exact. Dozens of sensors monitoring everything from room-temperature controls to storage down to -80ºC need to stay operational 24/7, and reporting has to be available at all times. With even one vial of antibodies potentially costing hundreds of pounds, the loss of an entire freezer full of stock would be catastrophic.

“Checkit’s monitoring system is working 24/7 across our Cambridge site, providing comprehensive data and allowing us to respond in real-time."

“On occasions where we can’t spot freezer malfunctions visually, Checkit gives us total security. We can see right away which email alerts need our attention since it’s so simple and easy to use.”



“With Checkit we set the rules. We have a wide range of different requirements and Checkit enables us to meet them all.”


Automated Monitoring to your specifications

Checkit was chosen as the Automated Monitoring solution for Abcam thanks to its ergonomic UI, its flexibility, and the great customer support offered by the team. Abcam are in complete control of their own monitoring parameters. With so much data being refreshed every 15 minutes, they risk simply being swamped by their own reporting.

With Checkit, that isn’t a problem. They can easily set the rules and decide what data prompts an alert. As well as making sure the data they see is universally relevant, using Checkit allowed them to tailor different sensors to different roles. For example, walk-in freezers or control samples require different monitoring to their core stock, and this presented no problem.

Wireless Automated Monitoring SensorsSuch is the precision required by the team at Abcam that an alert can be triggered by something as simple as a freezer door being opened to remove stock. Automated Monitoring allows them to separate false alarms from real, providing a final safety net which boosts their auditing efficiency and helps maintain ISO9000 accreditation.


Checkit: In Abcam’s own words

“Checkit is so simple and easy to use. We are now able to monitor our key storage units, including ultra-cold temperatures down to -80°C, with a modern system. This helps us minimize the threat of losing temperature-critical samples.”

Edward Mole - Logistics Inventory Manager


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Whether you need an automated monitoring system, a complete compliance service or an intelligent platform that provides real-time control of teams, sites and processes - Checkit is guaranteed to improve your business performance.