Standardisation – a good thing or a denial of individuality?


Guest Blog: our CEO Keith Daley, talks about how we can easily lose sight of the benefits of standardisation.

In a world where individuality is valued businesses sometimes lose sight of the benefits of standardisation.

However it is only by standardising mundane processes that businesses can realise their true productive potential. This is particularly true of service businesses. Paradoxically it is only through standardisation of routine activities that service businesses can escape from endlessly reinventing the wheel. As a result they can concentrate on the individual needs of their customers.

At Checkit we find that there are a number of reasons why a client will want to standardise by using its real-time operations management system. These fall under the following headings:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Consistency of product offering
  • Scalability
  • Reduction of training time/costs
  • Dissemination of brand values

When a client adopts Checkit we recommend that a thorough review of processes is carried out. Checkit will often prompt a reappraisal of how things are being done with a consequent boost to efficiency and productivity. Opportunity to standardise is a key consideration.

Once Checkit is installed, standardisation allows operational insight across all locations. By comparing business units and using trend analysis management is prompted to explore areas for improving operational performance. In turn operational risk will be reduced and the improved customer experience will have a positive effect on revenue.

Want to learn more? Contact Checkit or watch this video  to find out how digitising Operations Management can boost the performance for your business.


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Checkit provides Real-Time Operations Management for businesses that need to ensure safe, reliable and efficient performance.

For front line staff, Checkit automates, guides and enforces their activities, improving efficiency and consistency. For supervisors it automatically allocates and schedules work, making exceptions and issues easy to handle. For managers it creates broad control and consistency, providing continual insights across the business.

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