4 ways that digital checklists can help guide Hospitality staff during the busiest season the year.

And so this is Christmas, the busiest time of the year. Delivering a great and reliable experience to customers’ demands a lot of work from all teams within the business. The staff must be prepared, consistent, flawless and deliver a great customer experience. All the crucial daily checks must be accurate and done as quickly as possible to assure high levels of compliance and make sure everything is being done the right way, allowing staff to focus more on customers.

Balancing quality guest service, profitability, happy employees and operational efficiency cannot be accomplished relying on old paper based tools. That is why having a digital checklist system in place is of vital importance for hospitality managers to navigate through the season. Leveraging digital technology allows managers to effortlessly track, manage and deliver great service quality, consistently, especially across multiple sites.

There are four key benefits for hospitality professionals to consider when evaluating digital technology:

1. Solve problems before they happen: It is really easy to make errors when relying on antiquated management tools. Tasks such as food safety paperwork, manual temperature monitoring checks and the completion of daily activities are mostly still based on pen and paper controls. With advanced smart checklists features, a cloud-based platform like Checkit can identify if any of those tasks have been not completed or done incorrectly in real-time, giving complete visibility and allowing managers to monitor and take action straight away.

2. Stress free compliance: with a digital system in place you have stress and error-free compliance. Your managers will already be very busy and stressed during the season, so giving them the right tools to make their work better is crucial. Most important is that a system such as Checkit, is really simple and easy to use, making the implementation process also stress free.

3. Improve productivity: Checkit’s interactive checklists actively prompt staff to perform tasks when and where they are required. Completed tasks are time-stamped and sent to the cloud to provide a complete audit trail of work carried out and any issues that have arisen. This gives the team more time to focus on customers.

4. Save valuable time: Smart checklist technology enables managers to track and monitor business needs in real-time, using data analysis to ensure that the tasks are being completed consistently, at the right time, by the right people. This means more real-work and less paperwork.

The best way to manage your tasks throughout the year, especially during peak months, is to use a digital real-time checklists and operations management system such as Checkit.

Checkit’s technology will help you safeguard revenue, increase productivity and reduce risk.

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