Operational Insight

Your operations as you've never seen them before

Checkit Operational Insight uses business intelligence technology to turn huge volumes of everyday activities and measurements into usable information and interactive dashboards.

Checkit Work Management and Automated Monitoring capture millions of data points on how people, processes and equipment are performing against your operational strategy. Operational Insight pulls this data together to give an unprecedented view on the health of your organisation.

Operational KPIs

Checkit provides a set of out of the box dashboards to enable operational data to be understood, viewed and interrogated. The dashboards present KPIs that capture:

Is work being done on time?
Are managers and supervisors dealing with issues?
Are processes running within specification?
Is equipment available and operating?

Performance can be tracked by site, team and process, creating the visibility needed to track records and make sure you can intervene before small dips in performance turn into major issues.

Operational Insight KPI overviews

Operational Insight aggregating data

Aggregating data

The data can be aggregated for different users - a regional manager might want to see overall performance for his or her sites, and then a site by site comparison. A divisional manager might want to see dashboards that focus on a specific area of business performance or compliance (e.g. fire safety or food safety checks).

Understanding performance

The pre-configured dashboards allow drill down for managers who need to understand the factors contributing to KPI performance

For example when examining the work not done as scheduled, it is possible to see whether the work was never started, or just started and not finished; whether it was done but in an ad hoc fashion, and which sites or teams or processes are most to blame for the shortfall.

Deep dive into causes

Underneath each KPI is a wealth of information that lets process owners investigate or configure dashboards to see a wide range of issues. For example:

  • Are new managers driving team performance?
  • Which sites need attention before their next audit or inspection?
  • Why is one site taking more than half the amount of time to replenish stock compared with our 7 other units across the country?
  • Why are some activities being done late consistently?
  • Which sites or types of appliance seem to have a problem with keeping storage temperature controlled?
  • Which suppliers are consistently having deliveries rejected by sites?
  • How do we get the data together to investigate a customer complaint?
  • What routines drive commercial success?
  • Why do our sales not tally with our stock usage?

Operational Insight business intelligence dashboards - understanding causes

Non compliances by day of the week

Work Management Features

Point and click checklist building

Use our App your phone or our handheld Memo to create checklists for any task, function or process. Use preconfigured checklists for scheduled tasks (food safety, maintenance, facilities, health and safety) or unscheduled events (deliveries, visitors or issues). Time delayed checks (stock expiry or regular equipment checks) or temperature checks (food and equipment).

Alert management and reporting

When work is deployed and schedules operated by teams, alerts and exceptions are generated. Sent via email or viewed in the app alerts can be actioned, managed or automatically escalated, in the web based Control Centre. This creates a full audit trail of actions and decisions to effectively manage compliance. View or export reports using the standard reporting tools.

Location aware checks and QR code scanning

Checks that recognise your location allow customers to associate tasks with physical sites, objects or equipment that are tagged with QR codes. Users can be forced to do tasks in a particular order or a certain way to enforce compliance or working practices.  Applications include: room checks, cleaning checks, inspections, equipment specific checks or maintenance tasks.

Photos and notes

Add photo to a check to confirm a task is complete or highlight an issue or a fault. Add a text description or even draw on the photo to highlight an area. Once saved photos are time-stamped, uploaded to the Cloud and visible in the Control Panel.

Document distribution

Add policy documents and reference material to help users with their work. Link files to locations - company-wide documents for all, localised ones for teams and sites. New and updated documents are automatically added, keeping the library up to date.

Sound notifications

Switch sound notifications on or off for alerts. Ideal for busy environments or an individuals preference.


Configure temperature units customise language and change time-zones.

Secure data storage

Checkit employs the latest cloud computing technology to deliver a highly robust and scalable solution. All data is stored encrypted and is replicated across locations to ensure integrity, availability and resilience.

Open and standards based

Operational Insight is delivered as a prebuilt configuration for Microsoft Power BITM.  This uses our open API to access work and alert data.

Customers can leverage the capabilities of the Microsoft platform to share and publish dashboards across their organisation, or can choose to build their own dashboards by consuming the Checkit data.

One great advantage of this approach is that customers can choose to extend the dashboards, combining Checkit data with that from other systems to link operational, financial or relationship data across systems for a true 360 degree view.

The Checkit Platform

Checkit services are delivered on a leading edge, industrial scale Internet Platform.
That means reliability, security and a common way to manage across different services.

One simple subscription

Cloud software + data storage + integrated hardware + support

Highly scalable

Single site to complex enterprise

Advanced solutions

Flexible, business-driven configuration without complex IT

Checkit Real-Time Operations Management incorporates Work Management and Automated Monitoring – continually capturing data points on your organisation’s performance, while Operational Insight turns that data into intelligent, useful information.

Checkit products

Checkit is delivered as a service that gets you going fast and grows as you need – no complex IT, all in pricing with no surprises, great support.