Checkit Compliance Services

Protect your business, brand and reputation with smart compliance management

Checkit provides all round support for businesses to deliver on their compliance commitments, from policy design to implementation to monitoring and support when you need it.

We use a unique combination of qualified professionals to design, build and audit Food Safety, Health & Safety and Risk Assessment systems for customers, and proven digital technology to deliver Continuous Compliance Management.

The result is a new approach to compliance management. Smart.  Easy to use.  Continually giving you feedback.  Faster to audit and inspect.


  • Confidence that your business is operating in line with legal requirements
  • Smart compliance management - identify and resolve performance problems early
  • Simplified EHO inspections with the right data
  • Access to support and guidance to react to any issues in the right way - from food poisoning allegations through to accidents

Checkit compliance services food safety app

Our flexible packages can provide:

Bespoke Food Safety policy

A comprehensive Food Safety Management System to meet legislative requirements, covering every step from delivery through to service.  We cover standard food safety elements as well as your high risk food processes - from sous vide to shellfish. Where you have an existing Primary Authority Partnership we can work with your local authority partner to obtain assured advice on your management system.

Bespoke Health & Safety policy

A bespoke Health & Safety Management System tailored to the needs of your operation. This will cover risk assessments for all areas of your business - from slips and trips through to management of areas such as swimming pools. The policy can be set up to be managed on site and fit with your existing operation.

Digital checklists and monitoring

Your policies for food safety and health & safety will be accompanied by matching checklists that implement their controls.  These will be set up on Checkit’s technology – typically covering everything from cooking temperature checks, cleaning schedules, and fire alarm checks. Fully integrated with your policies, they will create a single management system.  Your staff will be prompted to work through checklists, capturing measurements, recording deliveries and flagging non-conformities, all with no paper and no hassle.

Continual Compliance Management

Once your system is up and running you will be able to see what’s been done and where, and how well you are doing.  That means you (and we) can track performance and address issues as they occur, making best practice a routine part of your business.

Remote support and audits

Our Continual Compliance Management approach allows us to carry out remote reviews of your due diligence data. We can provide a clear overview of current due diligence completion along with an action plan on how you can move completion of due diligence forwards.

EHO-style Food Safety and Health & Safety audits

A comprehensive audit from an Environmental Health expert will give you a clear action plan from which you can work on to drive your levels of compliance upwards. Even operations of an extremely high level of compliance can benefit from a fresh pair of eyes in their business to identify any potential areas of improvement. We pride ourselves in our practical solutions – to ensure you are clear on the next steps to take to move your business forward.

Food Safety and Health & Safety helpline

Our Helpline service provides you with access to expert Food Safety and Health & Safety support to guide you through a range of issues you may encounter – from dealing with accidents, responding to allegations of food poisoning or reacting to a local authority Food Safety inspection.

Find out how Checkit can protect your business, brand and reputation with smart compliance management.

The Checkit Platform

Checkit services are delivered on a leading edge, industrial scale Internet Platform.
That means reliability, security and a common way to manage across different services.

One simple subscription

Cloud software + data storage + integrated hardware + support

Highly scalable

Single site to complex enterprise

Advanced solutions

Flexible, business-driven configuration without complex IT

Checkit Real-Time Operations Management incorporates Work Management and Automated Monitoring – continually capturing data points on your organisation’s performance, while Operational Insight turns that data into intelligent, useful information.

Checkit products

Checkit is delivered as a service that gets you going fast and grows as you need – no complex IT, all in pricing with no surprises, great support.