Wireless Automated Monitoring

Save staff time, minimise wastage and financial loss

Eliminate manual checks and errors with Checkit.

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Automated monitoring, alerting and reporting

Checkit smart sensors provide wireless real-time monitoring and recording of multiple conditions including temperature, humidity, equipment and door closing from a single cloud system.

Save money and valuable staff time

Checkit replaces countless manual checks and hours of staff time with continuous, accurate measurements that are sent to the cloud 24/7.

  • Reduce wastage – ensuring fridges and freezers maintain the correct temperature
  • Identify maintenance issues early – alerting you to faults in your equipment
  • Simplify HACCP compliance – improving control and reducing your workload
Save Time

From food safety to temperature control of clinical samples

Checkit is a complete service with a solution for every size of business. From a single restaurant to laboratories with hundreds of sensors spread across multiple locations.

  • Sensors can be installed and relocated anywhere
  • Real-time monitoring of all your critical control points across multiple locations
  • Alerting & reporting when conditions fall outside safe limits
  • Access your data from the Checkit control centre from any location or device
  • Safeguard your business. Be audit ready and compliant, every day

Approved by Food Suppliers

“Checkit enables us to operate more proactively and identify and remedy issues prior to them becoming incidents. Cloud access from any mobile device means potential faults at the plant can be detected even if the team are off site”

Steve Clow, Site Engineer, J.O. Sims Ltd.
leading supplier of fresh fruit, ingredients and snacks.

Case Study

Save hours of staff time, protect vital samples

IPP uses Checkit advanced wireless temperature monitoring to protect vital blood and patient samples. This safeguards 10,000 units of blood every year, as well as 25,000 daily test samples, benefiting 500,000 patients and 100 GP practices in southwest England.

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Delivered as a service for as little as £0.30p per day, per sensor*

  • Cloud based software: Nothing to install, manage or keep up to date; accessible from anywhere
  • Secure data storage: Data held in highly secure data centres, regularly backed up, always available
  • Hardware included: System hardware included in subscription packages
  • Support and information: Feedback and help with problems.
  • Remote care: Cloud and internet connections simplify and speed up diagnosing and helping with problems

These benefits are available in two subscription packages (*min. 5 sensors) designed to suit all sizes of business:

  • No ties: For customers who prefer a lower monthly fee and want to minimise tie in
  • Peace of mind: Complete package for no surprises operation
Peace of MindNo Ties
Minimum Term24 Months1 Month
Upfront Fee
Initial Memo and Probes
Replacement HardwareBuy as needed
Breakdown ReplacementDuring warranty
Standard Online Support
Premium Phone SupportOptionBuy services as needed

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