Checkit is supporting the NHS roll-out of the biggest public vaccination programme in UK history.

The company has supplied technology to help ensure the safe storage and management of Covid-19 vaccines at the London immunisation centre, within the Excel Centre in Docklands, as well as almost 40 smaller vaccination clinics across the UK.

The strict temperature requirements of the vaccines make it vital to monitor storage parameters, protecting doses from unsafe conditions that could affect their viability.

Checkit’s Connected Automated Monitoring provides 24/7 real-time surveillance of temperature conditions in medical fridges and freezers, via wireless sensors connected to cloud-based data storage. The system provides vaccine coordinators with continuous insight and live alerts. This will reduce wastage and ensure all doses can be effectively utilised.

The Checkit team did a fantastic job within an extremely short time to help ensure the safe delivery of vaccines to the public.Naheed Phul
Deputy Chief Pharmacist, Barts Health NHS Trust

Partnering with the pharmacy team from the Barts Health NHS Trust, which is managing vaccines at the centre, Checkit engineers worked around the clock to install automated monitoring in just three days – 10 times faster than typical timescales. In a challenging environment, Checkit’s team installed 50 sensors and four data hubs, which were rapidly set live.

Naheed Phul, Deputy Chief Pharmacist at Barts Health NHS Trust, said: “The Covid vaccination programme has been rolled out at an astonishing pace, despite a range of logistical and technical challenges. It is a credit to our amazing NHS staff and a credit to the partners who helped to make it possible, one of whom is Checkit. The Checkit team did a fantastic job within an extremely short time to help ensure the safe delivery of vaccines to the public. Their response was amazing and we are all so very grateful.”

In addition to the London centre, Checkit has extended its automated monitoring to support to almost 40 other sites from the South Coast to Scotland. Amid unprecedented demand over the past eight weeks, Checkit has enabled monitoring of vaccine freezers at -80C and fridges between 2C and 8C.

Michael Hobby, Healthcare Transformation Partner at Checkit, said: “I’m immensely proud of our teams and proud that Checkit has been able to contribute to this unprecedented vaccine roll out. Our systems take away some of the pressure from extremely busy frontline teams, providing reassurance of safe storage and contributing to greater public confidence in the very important vaccines being administered.”

Checkit is a long-term supplier of advanced monitoring technology to the NHS and donated equipment to the Nightingale Hospital when it opened at London’s Excel centre in 2020.

On a recent podcast hosted by Prof Gino Martini, the Chief Scientist of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society, experts from Checkit were invited to discuss technology that could help coordinate the safe and effective distribution of vaccines throughout the supply chain. Checkit’s Connected Workflow Management prompts, guides and logs the processes managed by teams on the ground to provide leaders with a real-time view of what’s happening, when and where.