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Center Parcs drives up productivity with Checkit

Cambridge, July 2018. Center Parcs, the leading UK short break provider, has adopted Checkit’s Real-Time Operations Management solution as an important step towards optimising its operations across its 5 UK locations.

Center Parcs teams are now using Checkit for critical food safety compliance procedures, freeing up valuable time, increasing productivity and boosting efficiency.

“Checkit was chosen not only because it provides a single-vendor solution that delivers both monitoring and paperless work management, but also because it can scale to meet our longer term needs. This will allow us to progress from an initial scope of food safety management to also streamlining and improving front-of-house operations and exploiting business intelligence reporting. It’s a partnership with a bright future,” said Gavin Riley, Food, Beverage and Retail Manager.

Already implemented and extensively evaluated on two villages– Woburn Forest and Whinfell Forest – Center Parcs is now introducing Checkit to its remaining UK locations, plus a new one in Ireland that is expected to be completed by the summer of 2019.

According to Gavin: “Our experience so far suggests that, when all the UK locations are complete, we will be freeing up more than 20,000 hours per year. That is important time we can reinvest in the business, improving processes and training.”

According to David Davies, Checkit’s Director of Product and Marketing, “Center Parcs has really put Checkit through its paces before deciding to deploy at scale. We are very pleased to have been able to meet this challenge and are excited to be now involved in such an ambitious roll out with clearly defined benefits.”

Read the full Case Study here.

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