Smarter ways to manage your cafe operations

Attention to detail is the most important skill in crafting an outstanding experience for customers in a cafe operation. From service quality and cleanliness to foodservice and health & safety – across multiple disciplines, across multiple sites – insufficient attention to detail places a coffee business reputation in jeopardy.

Optimising service delivery

A single customer’s unsatisfactory experience can be amplified via social media channels and bad news travels fast. Failure to meet customer expectations can create unpalatable risks to revenues, brand reputation and regulatory compliance.

Whether the experience promised by the brand is delivered consistently across all outlets depends on the consistent application of policies, procedures and compliance – staff undertaking dozens of daily tasks add up to optimised service delivery.

Minimising risk

Peace of mind comes from knowing the right actions are being undertaken by the right people, at the right time. By digitising and simplifying all your food safety and health and safety tasks comes an assurance of optimised productivity, profitability, efficiency and compliance.

Automating daily checks such as receiving deliveries, opening and closing the shop, probing the food, checking the equipment, checking freezers and fridges temperatures or cleaning the toilet, for example, can help managers to have visibility of what has been done, by whom and when, so they can rest assured that there is no risk in place and everything is being dealt with.

Any size of business

From small business operations that just need to get rid of paperwork, multi-site business that need to have visibility of what is happening across the operation to large enterprises that need to ensure compliance and brand standards are being followed, a digital solution, such as Checkit, is able to digitise the coffee business operation ensuring brand standards are followed and there are no major dips in performance.

Simple and easy to use

As cloud-based APP, Checkit guides teams through their day. It can be downloaded to any device or it can also come in a safe, water-proof and anti-macrobiotic memo tailor made for the tough kitchen environment. You can plan, create, schedule and assign tasks to teams and get performance and trends insights while the operation runs smoothly.

Consistency is the Key

Customer demands are on the rise and keeping brand standards are more important than ever to achieve consistency. Maintaining high standards is key for any cafe operation to achieve success.  Making sure teams understand and follow the right procedures for each site can guarantee a great service delivery, leaving more time for them to focus on improving customer experience.

If you want to grow your business and make the most of your cafe operation you need to use a digital solution to help you through the day.

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